25,000,000 games on OGS!

We have recently hit 25,000,000 games on OGS! This is an amazing milestone, and should be commemorated. Since game 25,000,000 does not work (I checked the API and it’s literally empty), but game 25,000,001 does, here’s the game! Thanks to YusufMedhi [786986] and The Tori [75587] for playing it, and congrats to The Tori for winning! It’s a 9x9 game, so if you want 19x19, here’s 24999995 and 25000004, the closest I could find to 25000000. Also, I would like to thank anoek[1], matburt[4], topazg[299], and all of the dedicated team of moderators for sustaining this amazing site! I was not around for the whole ride, but I have heard stories…

On a slightly related note, we have also recently hit 500,000 reviews, 800,000 players, and 62,500 tournaments. We’re almost at 20,000 puzzles, too. We have exactly 20,000 ongoing correspondence games at the time I’m writing this***

Random off topic bug I found quite funny while looking through players with cool numbers

Player 799999 on OGS has this… erm… peculiar… ranking graph. I feel bad for them. They have won the least amount of times out of anyone.


Same with 799997:


and 799995:


and 799998… I could do this all day.

Last year today, there were 18,400,000 games IIRC. A month ago today, there were 24,230,000 games. This means that in the last month, 770,000 games were played, or 25,000 a day, or 17 games a minute!

Fun fact: There is a player who has played 650,000+ games! One of every 38 games is played by that player, over 2.6%! Just typing this, I don’t believe it. Very easy riddle: who is this player?

The average person plays 63 games. Though this includes hundreds of thousands of inactive accounts that have never done anything and will never do anything.

I’ve played around 9150 games, which is a mere 0.0366% of the games. Though there was a day on which I played 155, around 1% of the games that day! (Pre-covid, so there weren’t as many active users)

The place where I am way too curious and expect a lot from people and call specific people over

I am curious. The player with 658,000 games is a bot, so which human player has played the most games? What about tournaments? Can @Chinitsu [197819]'s amazing Got Stats? tool solve this? I know @S_Alexander [109488] is also a wizard at this kind of thing. Sorry if my expectations of you are way too high :laughing:

Disclaimers: this message was pre-written on June 26, 2020, 12:15 AM. Some details may not be accurate, but they were at the time. Also, we didn’t actually have 62,500 tournaments, we had 62479 lol. Looking at the rate puzzles are written, we won’t be getting 20000 anytime soon.


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I need to play more games :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Looks like games_played field was removed from API



We need to thank those players who play thousands of correspondence games. Hooray!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I’m sure it’s in the forums somewhere, but how many are active users? Is 800k unique users since OGS start date?

Not to say it’s not impressive, it is :blush::partying_face:

I have played nearly 8,000 live games, and only 625 correspondence games (which is a power of 5). I feel left out :wink:


Hahaha. My bad. We should thank those players who have played thousands of blitz, live and correspondence games. :grin::partying_face:


I’m looking through my friends list and others to see who has played the most games, and how much credit they should be given.

This post is a wiki, so you can add people.

User No. of games
stinkygobasket 80,000 (should be a clear winner, eh?)
Hexaphenyldistannan 30,220
will1951 29,360
Ninja-Go 25,780
ooooo 22,560
Enog 22,480
chncloud 22,410
edo-sar 22,210
gontrax 20,000 (congratz!)
gokeithgo 19,490
joe111 18,800
manfoochiu 18,780
thebbb 16,850
maka 16,040
goisfun2014 15,310
Atorrante 12,100
:dolphin:Sofiam :dolphin: 12,000
Here we go 11,730
döskee 11,300
agatarsis 11,010
Starline 9707
Julko 9250
ST000MA 9150
donutm 8200
Mr Go 66 6080
mita va 6020
He Who Walks in Shadows 5900
yq3 5710
Nakat 5040
Tetraphenylbenzidin 5020
SPBOG go 4910
Sadaharu 4500
Hikari486 4400
joachim 4400
Revar Isavé 4200
yuri 4100
5b7ea8 4000
dachen11 3870
goplayer69 3560
everygree 3450
bear_plays_go 3380
neutralneutralmonk 3150
Go Sertão 3120
[392094] 2900
Kutyatej 2860
tienslebien 2830
RedAgent14 2815
Bradicalman 2795
S_Alexander 2770
Firebelcher 2750
Quackๆ 2620
andischl 2600
xhu98 2560
:sparkling_heart: KoBa :sparkling_heart: 2330
mark5000 2280
alexthelegend 2090
bugcat 2034
GOkyle 2010
murakoshi 2000
Lord_o_o_Spoon 1504
kingkaio 1025 (uh… sorry)
Haze with a Z some amount. More than kingkaio (2200, Sept 6 '2020)

Seems like I’m not the only mathematically challenged person around! :slight_smile:


I often tell the anecdote of how I was on stage in front of hundreds of people, and I thought 9 x 10 = 92. In my defense, I did have a fever of 40 degrees Celsius, so math was not my top priority, but still, a 6th grader should know better.


:flushed: Oh my Go. This guy deserves a prize or a medal.


I added a bunch more people to the wiki.

Here are some statistics:
1 in every…
38 games is played by GnuGo
313 games is played by stinkygobasket
2700 games is played by me
1500 games is played by a mod
6 games is played by a bot
25,000,000 games is played by a player who played one game

(this post is also wiki)


Back when we had games_played field I made a list:


I tried to fetch this one by one, but it’s just too slow. Leaving my query running for an entire day only get around 50k users T_T

And then I noticed that is_bot might not be correct as well, because I cam across old_gnubot something that’s not marked as a bot but have questionable(?) name. So I dropped short the query.

Iirc games_played wasn’t fair as well, since it count annulled games too.


When the long correspondence tournament starts (in about 18 hours), it will most likely create over ten thousand new games.


You wrote the 25000000 is broken. What could be amount of broken/empty… Games in these 25 millions?

Besides this, it’s an Impressive amount, Bravo ogs!

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Just speculation, but I would guess that a game number is assigned whenever a new challenge is opened, however not all challenges become games, since they might be left unaccepted and eventually closed.


I do not think this is correct. Once, I saw a correspondence open challenge from 2019, and someone finally accepted it in May 2020, it had a 245xxxxx number.
I realise this is way less satisfying than having an actual concrete answer, but I’m just stating a few things I’ve experienced.
Edit: oh yeah, forgot to mention it was a 25k creating a challenge restricted to 7d+, which is why it was unaccepted for so long


… What to say?.. Search teaching game, only slow time setting and high Dan accepted…

80000 games, quick calculation if you give 20mn/game it’s a bit more as 3 years no stop no sleep no eat.

I had a look at some of those games, they are all 9x9, and apparently <2-3mins each.

80,000 is still a ridiculously large and hard to believe number though…

… in fact, since that person has been on site for ~6 years, it is approaching 40 games per day, every day for that whole time.

I suppose that’s not impossible