6 kyu looking for teaching game and offering teaching games


Am 6/7 kyu looking for teaching games from a stronger player. Also offering teaching games to anyone who wants them.

I am at UTC+12:00 time (New Zealand), but am free pretty much any time.

Send me a message if you’d like to jam!


I’m a 14k and would love to do a teaching game!

Only thing is, I have a hectic schedule, and as such, I can really only do correspondence games. Would that work for you?

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Hi Thrawn,

Yeah of course, whatever is easiest.

I’ve never really done teaching before, but how about we start a game and we can talk through moves as we go?

I’ll send you a challenge


would you be willing to play a correspondence game and do Malkovich (hidden) comments as we play explaining what you think at any more interesting moment? I can only play correspondence. My aim is to understand strategy better and advance to SDK level.

I’ve explained what I’m looking for here:

I think you would be a perfect teacher for me at this point, given our rank difference.


I am about the same level as you (6kyu) so not a teaching game but…

How about a ‘live review’ game where we give reasoning for our moves and ideas behind our moves (or critique each other moves) in the chat. I have played a few of these before and always find them useful. We could play correspondence so we have time to write and argue over moves properly.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

I would like to apply for a teaching course… I am 19k and would like to do a corresponse game since we are in different time zones. Thanks!

Hi Kajmaj87,

Yes of course, send me a challenge on OGS.

My name is same as my forum name, and we can jam


Hi Kevin,

yeah sounds great! I was trying something out with another player and it was hugely helpful for me.

He/she was very strong in an area where I was weak so it is very insightful relatively independent of rank.

What is your username in OGS? I’ll send you a challenge

Hi ProfessorA,

Absolutely! Send me a challenge and we can jam =)

bicolouredcone is my username in OGS

Sounds great Bicolouredcone

It is KevF