9x9 Review

I’ve been playing consistently for a little while and I’m looking for tips on how to improve my game.

If you could share any resources it would be appreciated.

Areas of Focus:
Joseki - Apparently you don’t need to know this until you’re stronger. I’m just slightly familiar with 3-3. But would welcome any resources to study.

Fighting: I think that I just have basic fighting skills and rely more on my opponents making mistakes. I want to stop being lucky and know what I’m doing.

For 9x9 in particular, if you’ve played a bit then 81 little lions is a classic

There are other versions linked from the resources page of you like e-pub and that.

You’ll see in there that joseki from 19x19 (if that’s what you mean) are not applicable particularly on 9x9.

I liked Xhu98 and Mark5000 crazy nines videos

And you can find some good stuff on the forums like

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Here is an essential resource for 9x9 openings: Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS