A database of game review videos at different levels (that you can help build!)

As a new player (~21k), I find videos of game reviews of games between players close to my level very educational.

I started collecting game reviews in a database: Airtable - Go Game Review Videos

Since I think others could also benefit from it:

If anyone finds it useful, let me know if you have any feedback on the database and/or forms.


Good idea. I suggest adding a field “Language of the review” in the form so that people can use the database filters to filter out the reviews in languages that they don’t speak.

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Thanks for the suggestion, added.

You might find lists like


interesting, though I know they don’t necessarily qualify for all levels of reviews.

I remember enjoying some of the videos of

He would have playlists of games where he comments as he plays or does short reviews afterward on OGS



14kyu -11kyu

and Pandanet road to SDK

Sorry I haven’t checked to see if these were in your database or would qualify :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll have a look and add them.

For French speakers, the YouTube channel “FulgoroGo” has hundreds of commentaries of games from 30k to 1k: https://www.youtube.com/@FulguroGo/playlists

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Thanks, will add some of those reviews too.

This database is a good initiative. Youtube has a lot of go videos. It is easily a place to get lost between them.

How about adding a category of video’s subject:

  • phase of game: fuseki, middle game, endgame
  • tactics: life & death, tesuji, semeai, etc.

Just to bring some order in a chaotic landscape of go video’s.

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Thanks for pointing out the broken link. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to edit the original post.

New link: Reviewers Form.

I like your idea of adding those two dimensions. I assume both will be multi-select, so you could choose the ones that apply.

Perhaps we can ask an admin to edit the original post with the new link (otherwise, new readers might not find it). Any idea who the correct admin is to tag?

The crazy bunny with the sharp knife.



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@_Sofiam could you help by replacing the link to the reviewer form in the original post with Reviewers Form?

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I am sorry, @flat_chocolate_mount , but I can’t do anything right now :sob:

But you should be able to edit your own post I think.

No worries. For some reason I can’t, but not a train smash.

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A user’s editing privileges are limited depending on how much they’ve been active on the forum so far, I was surprised too when I first found out :sweat_smile:

@shinuito should be able to help, though

@flat_chocolate_mount I’ve updated it now I think, assuming I put the right link in the right spot :slight_smile:

I think it might also just lock editing after a certain number of days also, but I believe if there’s small changes I could keep updating it. Bigger ones I might be able to temporarily make it a wiki so you can edit it.

Thanks! :heart:

Jim Plays Go is a goldmine @shinuito. He’s got so many videos! Thanks!

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