A Few General Questions

I’ve looked all over this web site and have been unable to find the following:

  1. an explanation of the different timing structures that rule each game; currently I accepted a challenge from someone who waits up to 18 hours between moves;
  2. a glossary explaining the symbols used in the game analysis software;
  3. an explanation of how to override the rule against playing a friend of lower skill level even when we give black plenty of handicap stones.
    I enjoy using the site and am happy to pay the small monthly fee.
    Thank you!
    Eric Wolf (Gold Fire Pig)

I’m replying to you here, but I expect a mod to move these posts out to the proper thread (which is probably Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread) or their own dedicated one. This thread is just for welcoming Kosh as a moderator.

  1. There are three time “speeds”: from fastest to slowest, these are blitz, live, and correspondence. There are, congruently, several different time “controls”: byo-yomi, Canadian, Fischer, simple, and absolute.
  1. The analysis shapes (square, triangle, circle, cross) are just shape markers. 1 is an ascending integer; A is an ascending letter. The pen is a pen, to draw on the board.

  2. The prohibition is on ranked challenges being made between players more than nine ranks apart. You’ll need to make an unranked challenge – this option is available in the challenge menu.


Simple is just X time per move. E.g. 60 seconds per move.


And completely broken for some reason. We advise not using this time control at all.

Available workarounds include:
Byo-yomi 0 main + 1 x 60s
Fischer 60s main + 60s per move up to max 60s

Simple will at times randomly timeout with several seconds remaining on the clock


Ah, that was my suspicion.

There’s always the documentation…


A work around would be to set up a tournament (make it private to just you and friend if you like) and then you can play ranked with large strength gaps. However I’m not sure if this will give you the right number of handicap stones in all cases. It might be that handicap is limited to 9.

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Handicap is indeed limited to 9 for ranked. Only unranked can have higher hc


Regarding the timing structures, my favourite was a brilliant infographic for chess/go players, illustrating the absolute/canadian/bio yomi/fisher time controls, but for the life of me, I cannot find it.


For the life of you, please find it!! :joy:
I’d be very interested!!

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