About the "Dock"

A bunch of (hopefully) nice little interface changes have just been rolled out.

One change you will notice is that the “Dock” now does not pop out straight away.

The “Dock” is the side-bar on the right of the Game board:

One of the small changes is that the Dock now waits a little before popping out.

This is so that it doesn’t pop out when your mouse strays over that area accidentally, and also so you can click the icon without having it pop out at all.

I’m mentioning this so that you know that it’s intended for you to click the icons if you know what you want, and only wait for it to pop out if you need to see the writing.


So far Im not enjoying the extra wait, but hopefully Ill get used to it… Might be a nice way to think twice about whether I want to use the analyze tool instead of my own reading.

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You don’t need to wait.

You can click on the ‘Analyze’ icon before the menu expands or just use the right-arrow key ofc.

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Ah, good to know that is an intentional change, not just my browser running slowly today!

Am not keen on the extra wait right now (no one likes change). Maybe I’ll get used to it after a while, or get used to just clicking the icon I need. However, I never had the problem it is intended to solve, and I can see that this will be useful for those who did.


Hmmm - as Kosh said, and sorry if I wasn’t clear:

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Is that thing is also part of this dock update? I mean if I click on players name buttons “Challenge”, “Message” and so on are all inactive (sometimes). If I press the name again everything’s fine.

Nope, what you are describing is not related - sounds like a bug.

Can you start a new thread decribing more clearly, ideally with screenshot, the issue?

Can we toggle it to be auto? i hate having to do an extra click.
Edit: Oh it’s just an extended lag, but i click t get it out faster.

Why do you have to do an extra click? You should just be able to click the icon you want straight away.

However, I am looking into making it optional how it behaves…

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I’m also in the “don’t like the wait” camp. I usually know what I want to click, but the hesitation before the dock comes out just feels awkward from a UX standpoint.


Honestly, one of the reasons its awkward in my opinion is that is too short.

Normally, a pop-up-on-linger is 2-3 seconds. So you know that you get the extra information if you wait, but you’re expected to normally just click. That’s how it’s supposed to be: we all know what all those icons are, we reach for them instinctively, so we don’t need words to tell us.

Unfortunately, (in my opinion) in between me submitting the proposed change this and it getting deployed, the delay was changed from 2s to 1s. The result of this is an awkward compromise, because even if you go to click the icon, by the time you click a second is almost up, and it starts popping out.

I now find myself consciously racing to beat the pop-out :S

So what should have been a pleasant experience was compromised by a compromise setting.

I’m heartened that there are more likes on the post than complaining posts following it, which just goes to show you can’t please everyone, and it may have been a step in the right direction, pleasing more people than it displeased :wink:

All that being said, I recognise that one setting doesn’t fit all for this.

So as I said:


… and nearly done with that :slight_smile: So please stop complaining, you’ve been heard - just bear with the compromise that we have in the mean time.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Now you say it, I realise I’ve been doing that too. I think I agree that the current delay is a bad compromise and this would be better with a longer delay of 2 or 3 seconds as you suggest. I may even like the change at that point :wink:


I agree about making the delay longer but “2-3 seconds” is way too long. One second should be plenty, kind of like a delay before a help hover comes up.

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I don’t understand this comment. The current delay is 1 second, and you agree with making it longer, but you say that 2 seconds is too much. That’s getting pretty fine-tuned :slight_smile:

Note that comparing it to a tool-tip normal hover delay is not apples-to-apples comparison, because with a dock that pops out the “visual impact” of the action is high, and the mechanical response from the user is much higher as well: you have to have time to locate on the large surface area of the dock where you want to click. 1 second is just not quite enough for that, wheras 1s would be plenty to activate a tool-tip on a single icon sized screen element.

So the fact is that 1 second is not enough to do that - as experienced by me and others.

It’s worth mentioning that 1s easily meets the goal of “stop this thing accidentally popping up if the mouse strays on it”. In fact, it’s almost too much if that is your only goal. I suspect that’s how the final number ended up being 1s. So there are multiple things you might want to achieve, and different delays deliver them.

All of which points to why it would be nice to be able to tune it to your own preference, much like you can with a Mac’s dock.


That’s a good argument. You have changed my mind. If the programmer is willing to make it a preference, that would even open the door to those people who don’t want it to pop out at all because they know what all the icons mean.


This is done now:

The default is zero, so if you want to delay the dock at all you have to go set it :slight_smile:

If you know what the icons are, and don’t want to have it pop at all, you can turn it off completely by sliding fully to the right.

Thanks to @anoek for improving the initial work I did and getting it out so quickly!


I think you are doing great work, thanks for improving the site! :ok_hand:

So please don’t get me wrong when I’m shaking my head at this change.
This delay should not be an option, and neither should the “Malkovich text entry box margin pixel width”.
You just made it one because you got pushed into a compromise against your UX expertise and you don’t want to make the decision for others.

Users will not know what the “game control dock” is at first, and after having it pointed out to them, the choice will make them unhappy.

Please make it two seconds, or one second if you can’t have your way, but remove the option. :slight_smile:

Not sure what your claim is based on, but I am very happy to have the choice :joy:

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I submitted the recommended change with the default set to 1.5, if I recall correctly. Or maybe 2.

It was rolled out at 0s - that’s the choice of the OGS devs.

It really doesn’t matter that much. If the instant pop-out irritates someone the way it irritated me, they will go looking for how to change it, and find it or ask

Personally, I’ve set it to “never pop out” and I’m happy :slight_smile:



Indeed, it’s great to have the choice! I’m personally very happy with the “never pop up” option. It reminds me to the old OGS interface, and if you have used the menu many times, you really already memorized all the icons.

Thanks a lot for your hard work, @GreenAsJade! :heart: