About the good old letter O

This poll is not an expression of my political position and is nothing at all other than a desire to know how many more users of the OGS miss the good old black and white letter O in the logo on the main page.
I wish everyone peace and good and thank you for participating in the survey.

Did you miss the black and white letter O in the logo on the main page of the OGS?
  • I miss.
  • I don’t miss.
  • I don’t care.

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I’d like it to change for Pride Month, tbh.


By the way, it’s not a bad idea to alternate the flags from the OGS list at a certain interval.

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I do not have moderator status to actually be able to tell, but I’ll count my prediction as fulfilled ahahah:

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I’m not sure it should cycle. The logo wasn’t supposed to be a promo space. A choice based on events, that’s how I understood it and I accepted it.

Supporting other worthy causes wouldn’t hurt, we don’t have the luxury of over-supporting human rights. However, it might unlock more boxes than what is manageable community-wise. I’d struggle to stay if I saw a “cancel culture” logo.

Also it might open the door to “real” promo. Do you want to see a KFC logo?


Let’s hope peace happens soon, then, after Ukraine is sovereign and free of Russian troops again. Because that seems to be the point where the old OGS logo returns.


There are also “G” and “S” that we could potentially change, while leaving the Ukrainian flag “O” in place.


You mean



Let’s do it


In the case anoek doesn’t want to change it (totally his right to do whatever he wants), we could just get a script or sth


I’m not sure though, it feels a bit like very different causes fighting for the same attention.

The occupation of Ukraine and human right activism for LGBTQ+ aren’t really comparable, both deserve a singular spotlight for very different reasons. I agree with both causes, but putting them next to each other appears as if they’re supposed to be a shared cause.


Good argument.

Can I get a script to change O to Pride, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This poll is unclearly worded. “miss” does not mean you wish for it to return given the other choices, though I wonder if OP and others voting consider it to have that meaning. I do miss the old logo, but if I vote for that option I fear that may be misconstrued as a vote for its return which is not my intention.


Considering that there was significant/recorded backlash even for a war that actively affects parts of the site’s userbase, I’d say that it probably would hurt because people are going to argue over the “worthy” part.

As you will find here:

There are quite a lot of people that think that politics/causes should stay out of our hobby and it is only the severity and seriousness of the situation that made most of those people agree with making an exception.

Let’s not turn OGS into marketing hypocrites like Barcelona FC.

For those who do not remember/know, Barcelona FC was, for decades, the last BIG team to NOT have a sponsor on their jerseys for their own ideological reasons.
They were losing millions (or even billions if you add all those decades up) though, so one marketing genious thought that they should “make an exception for a worthy cause” and behold, Barcelona FC jersey finally had a “gateway sponsor” UNICEF.
Even hardcore fans wouldn’t have made the moral argument to oppose having UNICEF on their jersey. So, once the fans got used to it and everyone forgot their “proud to not have sponsors” culture, they changed “worthy causes” and as you can see, a “worthy cause” is still on Barcelona’s jersey:



So, let’s avoid that fate, please.

That is also another, very important, problem. Great point.


I’d like to add to that, many Russian players are included here. But people don’t like being reminded of that.

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Indeed, but I went for “subtle inclusion” … there have already been similar arguments in other topics, I didn’t want to start another one like those here, as well.

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10,000 votes and Putin will end the war! :joy:

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I don’t disagree with you. I wrote “however”.

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The old OGS logo served, I assume, as most logos do, as a branding device. Having it serve a variety of causes contradicts its use for branding. So the choice is between branding or promoting causes.


This is less and less the trend in our days, though.
A quick example