Accused of cheating! How come? 😂

I was accused of cheating in this game.


Check the chat of the game, about “komi”. So funny.

I didn’t know that. I might be more careful when creating “custom” games in the future. If I’m going to “cheat”, at least I should give myself a chance to mathematically win. Ahahaha.

On a more serious note:

One nice tip from @Kosh was: when creating such games, changing the name to “NxN custom” or something alike should help avoid/minimize people clicking it without noticing.

Anyway… Still fun. People should be more relaxed. :joy:


Not only is it unranked, but the guy accepted the game. Literally not your fault at all.

It’s unfortunate that Go suffers from the “toxic online game mentality”, but oh well. Just another name to add to the block list.


Please, don’t add his name to the block list. :slight_smile:

It is just a funny history. If that happens a second time, then yes.

But for now, just let this funny history bring awareness to us all.


Would be kind of tempted to play some or these small sizes.

I’d say to look up ‘proper’ Komi except that looking it up would probably just say black/white wins unless Komi is x.

Maybe just even games then? It looks like with the 2x2 you’d want to use super ko to force the game to end?


While this isn’t cheating, it is just a teeny bit anti-social.

Something we know (though I don’t really understand) is that people don’t read the game details especially well at all.

I guess they come looking for, and are accustomed to finding, straight up go games.

So in general we need to take a special effort to warn them that something strange is afoot, when something strange is afoot. Otherwise you will certainly catch people off-guard - even if you didn’t mean to - and they will feel irritated about having their time wasted. Even if that isn’t justified.

That’s why there are all those warning signs etc on the common unusual settings that trip people up. To try to avoid the otherwise inevitable moaning and groaning.

In this case, one extra thing that the “experimenter” could have done to make everyone’s life a little easer is emphasised in the game name what this was all about. It was not a normal “Friendly Match”, it was a silly experiment.

As such, you really do owe it to your opponent, out of courtesy and consideration of not wasting their time, to put - ideally in BOLD - THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT WITH A SMALL BOARD" or similar.

Of course, if you are of the opinion that people should carefully read what they are accepting, and it’s their own silly fault if they accept something strange … that’s up to you: you certainly will get complaints from time to time.

I will also add that if you repeatedly do it, and repeatedly get complaints, we will ask you to stop. This has happened in the past: a person was clearly doing “experiments” mostly to experiment with who they could trick. That got old really quickly.


The guy could have just said “oh sorry, I didn’t read the game title.” and left it at that.

I disagree that OGS needs to start trying to over-accommodate and put up “do not put babies in the microwave” type warnings.


It’s self defense. Before we had the signs I was referring to (warning about custom komi) we had a stream of complaints to handle about that.

Similarly, you don’t have to be clear about what wierd game you have set up, but the fact is that if you do not do that, then you will inconvenience people, and you will get complaints (and so will the moderators).

Much easier just to be clear in the first place, since demonstrably people don’t check properly.


Extra points for using one of my favourite words.

Another possibility for setting up unusual formats of games is to seek opponents out on the ‘English Chat’ channel or in forums before setting them up by direct challenge.

Maybe the more extreme versions of board size should be limited to direct challenges and unavailable for general custom challenges but I do like that OGS offers as broad a range of possibilities as it does.

I have to disagree with your use of this word as I think @yebellz shows here: So many variations and repeated KO (2x2 game analysis)


Isn’t it that if you take the time to read the game details, someone else will have accepted the challenge by then. I have found (i haven’t played live for ages) that i usually had to click on and accept a game very quickly to actually get that game.


I don’t really see how a 2x2 game with a Komi of 5 escapes from being called “silly”…


I prefer “oversight”. The komi was to the detriment of the creator, not intended as a trick.


I agree with you but unfortunately this simply doesn’t work.

I tried that with way less unusual settings: fast correspondence. It was correspondence, so no hurry to accept the challenge like in live games.
I have put that in the game title and wasn’t enough. I then started warning my opponent in the game chat and didn’t work either.

Unusual settings are just inconceivable for most people. So if you want to experiment, do it with your friends (I did that too and worked perfectly).


Idk. Perhaps my settings are not extreme enough to even require the special title…

But I regularly play Canadian 1 day main 5 days/10 stone free weekends with the custom Tite “1 or 2 moves per day”
And it has worked excellent.
Now perhaps this is just still with in acceptable limits, but the majority of my opponents play at least at that rate, if not faster. This is even without making a deal out of time controls in chat.
It would seem the majority of my opponents not only see and understand the custom title, but even perhaps were actively drawn to it.


Yes, for sure I would be drawn by that myself. I agree that this in no way requires a special title: it is unlikely to surprise anyone. Special titles are recommended to try to avoid surprises.