Add an option of audio cue for visually impaired players

Feature description:
Check if last stone opponent played puts group in atari. Play special sound when in atari. Same single sound even if it’s a double atari.

I decided submit this request after having conversation in this topic. It seems that there’s some demand for this particular feature.

I’m not trying to belittle amount of effort it takes to do something like this, but from what I understand you already have similar code running at Kids Go Server. Just instead of face animation you need to add sound cue.

I don’t think that it would give any advantage over your opponent who doesn’t have same audio cue enabled at SDK level and above. I agree it may be used as a crutch for novice players, but same thing can be said about enabled analysis during the game. I still think overall benefits for visually impaired players overweight possible misuse by novice players.


you will need to check for a previous sound triggered by an atari at coordinates of the last move (and maybe the color of the stone played). this should catch almost all of the ataris that are not ko or some infinite loop.

i have a bunch of java code that could be easily made to do this, but i am not sure how to hook it into the browser client.