Is there a way to get a sound (beep) when in atari?

Playing live games. Is there a way to get a sound when you are in atarti?

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Baustellenlampe bei Nacht perceptive



that would work. how do i set it up?

Sry, I have no idea … I was just in a silly mood, forgive me :wink:

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That could be something appreciated by some go teachers as being used in face to face.

It’s a bit of debate between them if it has positive consequences on learning the game. One major agument against is that unless some strong warning is given, that may confuse the beginner about the goal of the game. It may encourage you to answer every threat of capture and to save every stone which is not so great in itself.

To answer you, that’a not a feature of OGS yet.

Like other setting (“authorize ingame analysis”), if someone would contribute in its implementation, it would be better to leave it as an option in the game offer, deactivated by default. Besides a more global option could appear in the player general settings to activate this feature (both ways, for being alerted or for getting the selection in your own game offers). Finally that option may appear in unrated games only.

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The Kid’s Go Server shows faces on the stones with a different expression when stones are in atari, or putting other stones in atari. But it only supports 9x9 and 13x13 games and I don’t think it supports ranked games.


option would be great!

i just lost 20+ stones in this game: Deutzia vs. rtayek3 - i have very poor vision.

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Did you try to use soft that zooms in part of screen. So you see part of board with huge stones in full screen.

or buy HUGE screen, open game in zen mode and actually walk closer to the stone that you need to see.

What a rude player: if it were a human rather than a bot I think they deserve a scolding for unsportsmanlike behaviour!

how am i rude?

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I think @uberdude was talking about your bot opponent.


i may have to. short on cash now.

i tried m$ magnidyer, but 200% is confusing. 140% might work, but i can not figure out how to do that. clicking on - (minus) makes it go back to 100%.

@rtayek3, I want to apologize for my first comment above—I wasn’t aware that your reason for asking was poor vision, and I didn’t think much before posting it. You know, it felt like with some of my total beginner friends who at first expect me to shout out “ATARI!” when I play one, and I just felt like kidding a little.

With hindsight, and now knowing the background, I feel stupid. I’m sorry.


np, if i had a klaxon, i would hook it up.

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I think that might be nice feature to have, but i’m also bit worried that it might give some beginners the wrong impression that atari is like what check is in chess. As in, even if a stone, or group of stones, are in atari, it totally depends on overall board position (and the general status of that stone/group) whether it should be saved or not.

So if there would be some beep when stones are put in atari, that feature should be off by default for new users.


yes. i agree.

Not only that. I understand the help toward a full beginner, but not some games later as you have to see the ataris whatever. Giving the option to keep it is like giving the option of using analysis tool in a live game, detrimental.

I ll be very happy if a tool for all the people with same difficulties as OP could be provided, but for those only (and those full beginners on their very first games). All this seems not so possible sadly.

To make internet go more accessible for person with visual impairment is still a fantastic suggestion, if some ways could be found (much easier in real life)

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Also, you might need more than one beep, for example in a Double-Atari situation.