Ads and smartphone

Here is my new home with ads

Here is the games page with ads disabled:

Please, please, please wrap that text about ad block (that I don’t have on my smartphone) so I can view again the home page

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Here is the new unusable analysis mode:

I don’t think it’s matter of ads but it doesn’t work


I’m suddenly having the same issue with analysis mode. The board shrinks to the size of a postage stamp. Please fix the ad formatting or whatever is causing it.


Me three. It’s quite hard to hit the right coordinate on the board right now.

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Now the home page is fixed, isn’t it ?
The analysis mode is still unusable

Mine is OK in the analysis mode, but it shrinks in the Plan Conditional Move

Whoops, sorry about the analysis mode, that was a “fix” I put in to make sure the submit button was always visible… but side effect there was that we make sure that the move tree is also visible. I’ll get it straightened out in the morning.

I’ll also try and the ad thing sorted out, that text shouldn’t be on that ad, not sure why it’s there :frowning:


Thanks @anoek.
I was pointing at that text also in this topic:

Sorry, is the issue with smart phone fixed?

Although the board is not shrinking into a stamp size now, it still shrinks to some degree in certain mode.

Normal game play - 90%
Anaylsis - around 95%
Conditional move - 100%(original)

I will try to add pictures below

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Just to bring it up to the attention of the IT support:

Would the problem above get fixed or this will be the way it is from now on?

Hmm it should already be fixed, I reverted the changes. Can you try refreshing?

yep. fixed now


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