AI analysis

I enjoy the ai analysis feature, but whenever I click on a suggested move it shows the entire line which makes it hard to focus on one move at a time… it would be much easier to use if there was an option to have it just show one move at a time.


AI: wish: adjustable transparency of stones in variations?

Seems a sensible and regular request, which can be addressed by anyone with the time and knowledge. I don’t know if anyone is working on this though.


People keep suggesting playing with the transparency but this isn’t much of a help if moves are played on top of other moves. I’ve suggested before that it would be better to treat the AI suggestions as a variation. When I mouseover a variation left by RoyalZero, or a human opponent, in the chatbox it adds the entire variation to the movetree which I can then explore at my leisure. The AI Suggestions are just variations, made by OGS - in effect - rather than an opponent. So, you should be able to just mouseover them, or click on them, and get them added to the move-tree so that you can explore them.