AI evaluation unreadable if game decided

I’m an avid user of the AI to try to improve my game, rexamining all my moves (I play mostly 9x9).
I read carefully AI Review updates 2019-06-19
The key point is:

  • Possible moves are now displayed as circles with the change in win rate displayed for each move.

The thing is that if the game is already decided, the win rate is 99% either way, so if there is an interesting live/death fight for a group which will not change the winner, all move are reported “0” or 0.1 or 2, so the information is not clear at all.

For example in , clearly white could have saved his top right group, even if black would have won any way, but the AI indication are not clear to say the least.
Even if the game was already won for me, I felt I could learn sthg with this fight.
(I guess this is seen much more often in 19x19 games).



I feel like this is more of a general problem with go-AI’s, not just ogs thing. If the bots are programmed just to win the game, they dont care about the actual point margin, since winning by 50.5 or winning by .5 are exactly the same results. This leads bots being bad at evaluating value for each move when the board/outcome is already settled.

I know that kata is able to consider the point margin instead the simple win-%, and it could even give you a review on how many points does your moves loses when compared to its favorite moves.
I hope we could get this point-value view on ogs soon, personally i think its more useful than just the crude win-%.


This is another reason to advocate for score-based AI review.