AI Game Restrictions

So a lot of people here don’t seem to know about the restrictions set in place by the bots admin, not ogs. The restrictions vary bot to bot, but if you aren’t align with the restrictions the bot will decline the challenge. So to make things easier i’m going to post the current restrictions of all the bots here.

These are for normal game types only meaning 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 I don’t know if they can play custom and im not trying every bot to find out. If a setting is missing feel free to post it down below.

minusGo – Administrator: Alderi

It will only accept blitz or live challenges on a 9x9 board with Japanese byo-yomi, Canadian byo-yomi, or fischer time control, and it requires at least 3 5-second byo-yomi periods and at most 5 periods. In order to save precious computation resources and considering how weak it is, it will also only accept challenges from players ranked up to 10k.

GnuGo – Administrator: crocrobot

This bot should accept all types of challenges.

Kugutsu – Administrator: Tokumoto

LIMITATIONS Unranked Live games only
9 Handi Max

Fuego – Administrator: crocrobot

This bot should accept all types of challenges.

Nicaso – Administrator: Tokumoto

LIMITATIONS Unranked Live 19x19 games only
9k and higher only
10 Byoyomi Periods max
9 Handi max

DarkGo – Administrator: pjreddie

19x19 games only

Bifron – Administrator: Tokumoto

LIMITATIONS 3k and above only
Live 19x19 games only
Minimum Byoyomi (or Additional) time 30 Seconds
Simple and No Timecontrols are not accepted
6 Byoyomi (or Additional) Periods Max
6 Handi Max

Mr Ping – Administrator: Kungfu Panda

19x19 only, May need 10 minute main time. No absolute time

RoyalLeela – Administrator: roy7

Ranked games: No handicap, 10 periods max.

All games: Minimum period or increment 10 seconds (for Canadian this means time per stone >= 10 seconds). 19x19 only. 15k or higher.

No pauses allowed at the moment, because pondering (thinking during opponent’s turn) is being tested.

Now accepting correspondence.


None of the bots will accept 17x17 games :sweat:


Do you know what happened to Master Mantis? Its last game was Nov. 26.

Somehow, the Leela / gtp2ogs / 9x9 combination is very instable.

If people are missing Master Mantis - I can write a script that will auto re-deploy Mantis each day at 00:00.
Poor little mantis is a small fragile animal.

I don’t play 9x9 on this account, but there is another thread in the forum that discusses the unfortunate lack of a bot between Gnu Go and Minus Go. So I do think that many DDKs would appreciate it.

I gave it a try - each 10 minutes I kill & restart the Mantis bot process.

Maybe due to a bug in gtp2ogs (something i still need to figure out)

It’s kinda offtop, but for the newbies, which bot you will suggest? I know basic rules and can play with people such as myself, where we yet discovering life/death and so on. GnuGo sometimes passes many times, but I still want to play. Maybe Fuego?

Maybe I misunderstand, but what’s the problem with GnoGo passing? You should still be able to play on. GnoGo just sees no reason to respond to your moves. That alone might teach you something. If you play on with what looks like a hopeful invasion to you, GnuGo will at some point start responding again and most likely prove you wrong.

Disclaimer: it’s a long time since I played against GnoGo, so it’s entirely possible that the assumptions behind what I wrote are wrong.


There are many rules that you have to play with a bot. I want/can’t play with a bot. Even if I can, I usually lose.

One of the many advantages of playing people; just start an open challenge with your preferred settings and someone will accept.