AI Scoring

Why does the AI sometimes think that one side is winning (in the winning probabitity estimation thing), but favor the other side when estimating score? One would think that both would be aligned toward the same direction, but guess not! :man_shrugging:

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The AI graph is generated from a modern very smart AI after the game is run. It takes some time and resources to do it - it’s done basically once for each game (or at most a 2-3 times with different settings).

The Score Estimator is not “the AI”. It is a simple fast computation that estimates the score, and can be run many times during the game by a player needing help to estimate the score.


often poorly… :stuck_out_tongue:

/Uses poorly estimated score to give myself a goal against someone in 9x9/
If it does this poorly, the player needing help isn’t necessarly helped.
I mainly use estimate score to see what pieces I missed looking at. Of course, when I know I am not winning or know that some groups are dead, I get annoyed that I have to put some stupid moves into analize mode to give people more territory or get those pieces dead.

TBH this is the main thing it is good for, not the numbers it produces.


Why is it called “estimate score” then? I should be “estimate territory (and some scoring)” instead.

You are confusing what something “is” and what it is “best used for”.

My computer is a computer. My computer is best used for running apps and codes(I think for the code part). Is this what you mean?

Yes. Why don’t you call it “browsing cats and forums machine” would be a similar question.

(To be pedantic, it is not called “estimate score”, which describes an activity, it is called “score estimator”, which is what it is. To also be pedantic, arguably the label on the button should be called “score estimator”, which is it’s name and not “estimate score”, which is the original task it was provided for :smiley: ).


Because I don’t look at cats enough?

Why is it not then? It is the estimate score button and since it is a computer, therefore, shouldn’t it always be right(my low computer knowledge)?

Because no-one got pedantic up till now, and probably only two people would ever notice if we did change it :wink:

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Me, you, anoek.
That is 3
Now thinking about it, wouldn’t yebellz notice since he likes being pedantic?

I think there was someone who says “will always comment on cat photos”, right?
Edit: bugcat!

So does that make him famous? :wink:


Famous OGS and forum people?

He ditched us though. How is he supposed to comment on those cat photos now?