AI: wish: adjustable transparency of stones in variations

i would like to be able to adjust the intensity of the stones on the screen in variants to better see the played stones vs the stones (numbered) of the ai variant (currentyl the numbered stones are toointense 4 me)

i often play two silly stones on board side to “switch off” the ai variant to actually see the board position

the other possibility would be to really switch on/off the future stones of the variant to better see the board position

Hope you got it with my English…



This sort of thing has been mentioned before; I would like to see it too. I believe a popular wish is for the AI variations to only show the next move in the sequence instead of all of them, which would probably also be a solution to your situation, no?

I think the English in the main text is quite good, though making the beginning of each sentence capital and putting a period at the end does make a big difference to how it looks. Personally it does kindof bother me that English uses capitalization to mark several unrelated things, which can be an issue when you want to capitalize a word for two different reasons, but can only capitalize once. :smiley:

I am genuinely curious, what is your native language? I’m studying Japanese right now and I find it very interesting how different languages array the lexemes and phrases in their sentences. I might phrase it like, “AI Variations: Adjustable Stone Intensity”. Or maybe “AI Variation Wishlist: Adjustable Stone Intensity”. But your sentences in the main text were quite clear and generally phrased quite naturally.

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I changed the title to make it clearer. If you want, you can put it back.

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thank you. German is my mother tongue and I also learn Japanese right now. Mostly because of go :slight_smile:

i wasnt thinking too much after a whole day working and playing in front of a computer

the missing capitals you mentioned is probably an IT thing. i type all day long and if not necessary i try to save time.
no, just joking :slight_smile:

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Cool. My sister took some German, but I think her husband knows it better (I don’t think she’s continued studying it). I don’t plan to learn German, but it would be cool to be able to read Martin Luther and Goethe in the original language. Though according to Wikipedia the Reformation took place before German had been widely standardized into Modern German, so I’m not sure how much mutual intelligibility there would be. But Goethe would presumable be more realistic.

Just adding that I also have the same issue when seeing the AI review.

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