Amybot-beginner not working

Games against AI are currently not working? It always gives up before the first move.


It seems to be working for me. I’m playing a game against kata-bot right now.

Hi @jan.vde,
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The computer opponents are maintained by independent users. amybot-beginner, the AI you are refering to, is maintained by @siimphh for example. I notified him about the problem.

If you go to a bots profile page, there is an entry Administrator, which mentions the user providing and maintaining the bot.

I moved the posts to a seperate topic, since it hasn’t anything to do with the AI review update.


It’s indeed amybot-beginner hat’s not working.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now.

As for what happened - I updated the system the bot is running on (to latest Debian release) and in the process the default python version was also updated (from 3.5 to 3.7 I think). And since pip (at least on debian) maintains per-version packages, suddenly the engine (just running as python3) was starting up and unable to find tensorflow package and thus unable to make any moves.

In addition to just paying more attention (some automated alerting maybe?) it sounds like I should also make the engine use a specific python version so important packages couldn’t just disappear from underneath its feet.

Again, thanks for reporting! Should be fixed!