Analysis aborts back to game

When I’m analyzing a finished game the display will suddenly return to the game board as at close of play for no reason, as if I had pressed the ‘back to game’ button. This is using Firefox browser, not app, on android smartphone. Not sure if it happens on pc. Before anyone suggests the obvious, the ‘back to game’ button isn’t even visible on the screen. What’s going on? It’s really annoying.

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This has been discussed in several threads, most recently I think, here: That link contain a link to an older, much more detailed thread about this problem. I experienced it again a couple days ago for the first time in a long time. Here is the older link: Game analysis randomly resets

Conrad, thanks for the links. I thought it must have been discussed before but I couldn’t think of a suitable search term. I guess it must be an unavoidable problem if its been discussed a number of times without being fixed? Or does that not necessarily follow? Anyway, I will read the earlier discussions. Thanks again.

I see from reading the links that you have kept oversight of this issue whenever it has been raised. As far as I can tell from reading the earlier posts, the answer seems to be that it occurs when there is a short break in the network connection, causing the page to be refreshed from the server and losing the in-page analysis. This makes sense for my case as I don’t have a very stable WiFi connection. I might try connecting via cell network when doing analysis as a workaround.

Yes, I recall that now. I suspect the instability is usually server-side, however, because this phenomenon seems to occur in waves to multiple people in the same time-frame. I haven’t experienced it in a very long time, but, as I said, it did occur to me a couple days ago.

Sounds like maybe there’s nothing to be done about it … which would explain why nothing is what does seem to have been done about it. Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

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its possible to solve with the use of cookies, it just wasn’t implemented

Ah, that’s a shame. It’s really irritating. I wouldn’t know how to implement that, but I thought I read in one of the threads that @anoek was going to look into it … later.

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