Analysis tree is reset after reconnecting

The analysis is reset sometimes when my connection flickers. Also when laptop goes to sleep and wakes up.

I don’t think analyze mode is designed to be permanent.

It’s good for quickly reading through a sequence or sharing variations, but (you probably know this) the website has the “Review this Game” option for any permanent notes or sequence trees you want to make.

For those of us who occasionally go crazy with analysis mode, it’s handy to be able to easily wipe it clean every time you reload the page (which happens when your connection cuts out) - but I agree it would be nice to have the option to save your trees longer without having to do a full review.


Thanks for explanation!

Is there a way to keep review private? Sharing all the variants in an active game with opponent seems a bit risky :slight_smile:

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Although you can’t preserve the analysis tree as @Swabby8 says, you can write variations and comments into the Malkovich log to remind yourself what you were thinking about. A Malkovich log is a place where you can write comments to yourself that are hidden from your opponent and spectators until the end of the game. You can access the Malkovich log from any game by selecting the “book” icon just above the chat box.


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