Why does OGS' analysis randomly update to the last move?

Every time I’m in analysis mode, at some random point, all of a sudden, OGS’ current move jumps to the very end for seemingly no reason. Was this intended? If so, I really don’t get it, it’s extremely annoying, and it has caused me 2-3 horrible missclicks during streams while I was trying to show the viewer what I was thinking about.

This has bothered me for a long time, so I believe it might be a very old feature/bug.


Is this during ongoing games or finished ones? I think it pulls you out of analyze mode when your opponent plays the next move. Just wondering if that’s what you’re observing or if it’s something else.

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I have observed this phenomenon occasionally and believe it to be triggered by my poor connection so when there’s a ‘blip’ it resets to displaying the end position.

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During the game, the behavior is slightly different, that’s true, as it does update you to the latest move if your opponent has made a move, I believe — which I also find annoying, and pretty much makes missclicks inevitable — however, it is also happening during finished games.

I’m really surprised nobody else has complained about this, and that it persisted for so long.

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Same here, during ongoing corr. games when I am analysing. Flaky internet out here in the village.


If it is due to OGS detecting internet connection oscillations, maybe there could be settings toward turning the automatic update off? I’m much more for not automatically updating. Or maybe OGS could relax its internet requirements, I don’t know.

its because connection lost and returned.
OGS offline page needs to remember on which move you are now to fix this bug.


How hard have you looked? :slight_smile: Have people complained, yes, has it persisted so long, yes. The second one is maybe the surprise.




I’m not sure if there’s a GitHub issue for it specifically. Probably one should be made.