Analyze Game Sessions Disappearing During Use

This has happened to me a number of times recently. I’ll be using the Analyze Game tool and while in the middle of using the feature, the entire board will clear. I’m still in Analyze Game mode, but the board will clear all stones, except those of the actual game state. It will also clear the entire history of all variation chains. If I didn’t save a variation to chat, then I’m out of luck, because all evidence that I was using the tool is now gone.


I don’t know what’s causing the issue, but it’s around for a while.
Lately I encountered a probably related bug, where the reset happens outside of analyze mode. After placing a stone, the board resetted itself before I was able to press submit. In one game I accidentally passed because of it.


I can report that the same thing has happned to me, where the board resets itself. The only real work arounds I can suggest is saving the variations to chat, and or, opening a reveiw of the game.

Has anybody here ever encountered this behavior during a review?

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@flovo + @Mulsiphix1

Good idea to ask the question and start the Poll.

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I don’t expect anyone to see this in review mode, since review mode stores every placed stone on the server, so random reloads don’t change the state client site.


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