Automatically reverting Analyze Game -- Reverting Game State

I play correspondence, and typically use the analyze game right hand button.

Over the past several days, I have noticed the game board (web page) will automatically revert (for no known reason) back to the game; restoring the entire game state… the blue “pass” button and the stones… so the jump is very noticeable.

My browser and mouse are the same, so it is not like a new sensitivity issue clicking somewhere random on the screen. My concern is that I will accidentally hit the pass button when when I mean to hit the “return to game button”. It has been close, once.

Also, in a game I just submitted the intended mode… the browser accepted the “submitted move button”… updated the screen to show placed stone… then went back to not showing the placed stone (for 3-5 seconds) but also not my turn (hence I was concerned it accepted a pass)… then correctly displayed the placed stone.

This problem has come up several times in the past few years. There are multiple threads about it. I am currently experiencing it, too, but irregularly. I don’t remember that anyone has ever pinpointed the problem. Experiments by @smurph indicated that it was not due to the length of the session, nor the number of variations examined. Here is one of the old threads: Analyze Game Sessions Disappearing During Use

Found it. Here is the older, richer discussion: Game analysis randomly resets


I never tested the stuff,
but to me it just sounds like connection issues (whatever the cause). From my limited understanding when the client side regains a previously lost connection to the server it partially refreshes the page to update the information that could have been lost to the client during the downtime.
Hence also unfortunately wiping the analyze mode which is not stored anywhere.

But I could of course also be wrong, that is always a possibility

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Hmm, certainly sounds possible, but this problem has typically occurred in waves. A bunch of people get it for awhile, and then it goes away.