Analysis undo requested

A ghost analysis stone for undo requests. So that I can see the alternative move that wishes to be played.:black_circle::ghost::white_circle:

Many times I find I would rather see where the undo request is to be placed, as there is sometimes error fixing and sometimes genuine mis-clicks.

I personally grant for mis-clicks, but for entirely different moves, if find it controversial, I would rather not grant the undo.



I like the idea that you have to say “I meant to play here” with an undo request.


I like the idea that a game could look like a puzzle…

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But what if you misclicked before you decided where you wanted to play?


sometimes there are undo chains, with a 2nd move needing to be undone to get back to the pre-misclick board state.

depending on how this were implemented, it could make that impossible.


I imagine something similar to the variation tool should not interfer with these type of issues of multi undos.

As soon as an undo is requested, you are given a ghost stone, once placed, the submission is listed as a hyper link in the comments as “undo: move##”

I seem to recall fairly extensive discussions about whether or not you can tell a misclick or not. Maybe here:

I’ve not read back over all this but the point is that the position of the intended move (if known, as uberdude points out) doesn’t really say anything about whether an undo was for misclick reasons or not.

So I would suggest you either accept requests and assume good faith or refuse them as is your right and don’t worry too much about your opponent’s intentions.


What if Black says “please accept undo, I wanted to put my stone at A”, White refuses and plays at A?

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This is one of those unfortunate cases where the bad few ruin it for the good many :frowning:

This is perfectly normal. White is under no obligation to accept an undo.

I see what you mean though - in this scenario, white learned more from black than current undo practice, where black doesn’t say what the intended move was.

This discussion, like all undo discussion, shows how fraught the idea of ‘undo’ is. Life would be easier without it…


Can’t agree with your conclusion. Think it works fine as is, and a great many people would prefer a misclick not ruin an otherwise enjoyable game. As you said, users are free to ignore undo requests if they do not desire to grant them.