Ancient Go variants

Would it not be fun to have various ancient Go variants as rules option?

Like the old Chinese rules were you both players begin with diagonal bases on 4-4 and there is a group tax of minus one stone for every group you have more than the other player but no komi?

Or the old Korean Sunjang Baduk rules?


Could be one place for it.

I think having to fill in all of your 19x19 territory to score could be a bit tedious though.


claire_yangGo Historian and Librarian

Maybe @claire_yang can help you.
She wrote some very interesting posts on the history of go.

But I am not sure if she is still active on OGS (Forums).


Counting with filling all could have a place here, with a suggestion to be used by beginners.
It’s not a go variant but an alternative way to count giving a similar result.

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Indeed was mentioned here

and most recently here as a potentially beginner friendly option


I like these ideas!

HIstorical variants would be really fun!
There’s other variants that would be more difficult to implement but which would be fun nonetheless.
Hidden-move go.
You-once-get-to-play-two-moves-in-a-row-at-a-moment-of-your-choosing go.
Stuff like that.

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Just so you know, Rengo is already available…

See some relevant threads for more details: