Variant Go Server

VGS is a project I’ve been working on for a few months now. The goal is to have a place to play any and all interesting go variants.

I had no intention to create a thread about it, but a lot of questions and discussion about it has been popping up around the OGS forum and elsewhere too, so a single place to discuss it seems useful.

Ask questions and give suggestions here!



What are the odds you can be hired by Ogs to work on and bring variants here :slight_smile:

The server sounds cool though, I’ll have to try it out properly :slight_smile:

I doubt ogs has the budget or interest to do that. And I highly doubt it’d be that easy to retrofit these features into ogs. I have the luxury of not needing to worry too much about breaking things so can just try stuff out pretty freely.


What are your thoughts about implementing multi-color go with simultaneous moves?

See these:

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Simultaneous turns have been on the list for a long time. That will most definitely happen when I have the time to implement it. Not as a separate thing, but as a modifier like the rest, :wink:

I have no interest in implementing proper diplomatic go, as that has already been done much better than I ever could (


Thanks for letting me know about that server. It appears that it is still sequential moves, so a bit different than what we are doing, but I’m happy that exists.

Excited to hear that you will add simultaneous moves as an option. A big design decision is how handle collisions, and if there would be a contingency list or something else. Another aspect to decide upon (or make an option) is how to deal with simultaneous captures. One thing that we introduced in our Diplomatic Go games is the concept of “old chains” vs “new chains”.


Certainly not easy decisions… And might be a part of why I have been procrastinating on it. ^^


Just make it all options! I’m sure the researchers who found that subjects always said they wanted more options, but became increasingly dissatisfied as the number of options increased beyond a certain point, were full of it. :wink:

We can consider options after we have found one consistent option. :smile:

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That’s a cool server, I wonder why I haven’t heard about it before! It would be cool to play a live game there with some forum members :smiley:

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Other than the NGD tournament and a couple pics on reddit, I have not advertised the server. It’s still very barebones and most certainly not ready for primetime. It has mostly been word of mouth really, so I was extremely surprised to see Sibicky’s videos on it and such. :smile:

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To clarify, I’ve been aware of your server for quite a while, thanks to reddit! (and I’m very excited about the amount of variants you’ve implemented, although I haven’t had a chance to try any of them out myself yet). My last comment was about the DipGo-server you linked to, which I haven’t seen any mention of anywhere before :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah! Well, as far as I have understood, that one is considered to be even more not-ready and mostly only OGS chat regulars know about it. The work put into it still deserves a shoutout as far as I’m concerned.


I should fix the fact that I still haven’t played on VGS, so I just created a 9x9 hidden-move game if anyone is interested in joining!

Edit: Thanks for the game seequ! Awesome to be able to play hidden move go in this way, very convenient compared to keeping track of the moves by yourself.