Kibitz Garden ☕ for the Second Diplomatic Go Game

This is the kibitz thread for the second diplomatic go game.

Why not create it already, so I won’t forget to add anybody later.

Nothing to kibitz now, but there will be when the game starts, hopefully.

Please note that anything said in this thread will become public after the game ends.


Nice. I’ll make the first round of coffee then.


Can I have hot chocolate?


With some Chantilly toping?

I had to look that up; we’ve always just called it “Whipped Cream”. I made some homemade a few months ago, since I don’t like artificial whipped cream, and thought I’d try it homemade, and it was pretty good. I thought the homemade butter I made with the rest of the heavy whipping cream was better, though.

tfw the guy who has been nearly completely inactive in the cooking thread finds himself in a cooking thread conversation.


And we’re off!

Immediately @yebellz challenges my instinct to like his post…


Second Kibitz Comment

The 13x13 board looks massive compared to seeing the 9x9 for diplomatic go so much previously :slight_smile:


I’m sure it will start to feel tiny in a few rounds


My idea with the first move would be what yebellz suggested, to equally divide the corners. The big question is of course how to distribute the players. Will playing strength play a role in this?

Is it better to put strong players next to each other, or to spread them out through the board?
I think it is beneficial to the weaker players if the strong players are bunched up together, but beneficial to the stronger players if they are spread out, since they can probably squeeze the weaker players into elimination.

Is it better to form alliances with your neighbours, or with those far away?
On the one hand being allied with your neighbours gives you shared eyes and such, but on the other hand, not being in each other’s way can result in a healthier alliance. Being too far away probably brings incentive problems, since your ally wouldn’t be inclined to help you defeat your neighbours…


There is the go side and I can just agree, but there is the other side, like the art to convince or how each player see the other and it’s especially crucial in diplomacy.

For my small experience, having a couple for example, or some tighter relation between 2 players… Has a lot of consequences in a diplomatic game.

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Kibitz logs for Round 1

I’ll be throwing all the kibitz posts in one for each round, not to spam the kibitzers with too many messages.


It does feel like 3-4’s are the way to fairly share the corner.

On the the other hand they could also move one further so that the 3-3 points is less contentious early on.

I’m imagining with 5-3 points, maybe you could two space jump along the side on your second move to grab a bit more space. (At lest the 3-3 won’t be a contact play)

It’s probably the way to make enemies in a neighbouring corner though :stuck_out_tongue:

Would something like this work to make images from the game board page?

It was talking about making thumbnails using clip. Maybe that’s just for images?

That or might have ideas.

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I think all the posts with flags and or cat pictures are hard not to like.

I actually didn’t expect the first round, where stones have yet to be played to be this entertaining.


Kingkaio submitted their move before it was decided who should play in which corner. Considering that they posted they are too busy to read the thread, I would have personally opted for extending the deadline over carelessly playing the first move.

The same thing will happen as in last game with 李建澔 being the only one going against the discussed plan: it will end up strengthening another player. Last game that was probably le_4TC, but this game it will be even more pronounced. WIth kingkaio playing at L7, they have no space to make a base, making the right side very crowded. Simultaneously it is a huge boost to Martin, who will have no competition in the lower left.

And it’s strange, because if kingkaio had read the thread, they would know that L7 was going to be a bad move, squeezed between Haze and le_4TC (two players with experience as well!).


Kibitz logs for Round 2

This post will contain the next batch of kibitz logs.


Special message from yebellz:

I have an important question you kibitzers.

Do you pronounce NBTO like an acronym or initialism??

  • Initialism (like En-Bee-Tee-Oh)
  • Acronym (like Noboto or something else)

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Well that will put quickly some action, not against my taste!
Having space alone can attract reaction, being many on same side may develop alliance play quicker…

Besides I am intrigued that yebellz and PiggyStardust didn’t play a weiqi formation (or better say did play a bad shape) in their corner, it seems they did agree or?

Martin: I would like to enclose… :rofl:
I guess there are 7 players who don’t want :crazy_face: