Kibitz Garden ☕ for the Second Diplomatic Go Game

I do find it interesting that it didn’t end up with everybody just splitting corners evenly.

Makes for a very fun round 2 :slight_smile:

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I would find it quite vexing if I were playing, though. It’s one thing if someone betrays you in game; that’s what you’re signing up for; it’s another if they just didn’t bother at all.

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That game is all about that, better don’t just follow the first feelings

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It sounds like people are being a bit harsh on KingKaio. Tbh, say I had have signed up, there’s also a chance I wouldn’t have been able to spend too much time yesterday planning and coordinating my first move with 7 other people.

In this instance it seems intentional to play there, so less like they didn’t bother and more like thats what they wanted :slight_smile:

I think it’ll make the game interesting. Somebody should not let martin have the whole corner to himself I suppose. That would be the next thing to plan out.

Maybe King Kaio can come back to play E3.


Yes, but we have an extension period especially for this. The round gets extended for free.

I would be surprised if this really was kingkaio’s plan, as their move submission was well before the rest of the players had laid out an opening strategy. It couldn’t have been reactionary, but perhaps it was all thought out beforehand. Who knows?

I’m not too sure if that’s a good idea. Likely other players will play around there as well, giving kingkaio two baseless groups. Spreading out your stones is not a tenable long term strategy. If I were playing, I’d jump towards the middle. Fighting will be very messy around the sides, the middle might be left alone.


Well E3 might be in a better spot than the first stone, although I’m sure there’s a high chance of it clashing with Martin.

The first stone can be a throwaway, or be treated lightly rather than a group I suppose, especially if its too hard to manage both groups.

We’ll see I suppose, and the private kibitz logs will get more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bugcat, busy talking with everybody. Seems keen to exploit whoever possible, eager to drain kingkaio of information and to immediately betray Martin’s trust.

It will become harder to make alliances later, like that. Especially since I believe Martin, le_4TC and yebellz all have the strategy of “no aggression unless betrayed / attacked”


One thing that I forgot but remembered after reading Martins kibitz, is that all stones are in 4-atari at the moment. So even if say Matin enclosed the corner with the usual E3, four players together could capture one of the two stones in a single move!

A four colour ponnuki appearing the the bottom left corner would be interesting to see :slight_smile:


That is a pretty cool idea. :grin:

The kibitz logs from Round 2 are now updated, and yebellz has granted us with a poll :slight_smile:

Kibitz logs for Round 3

This post will contain the next batch of kibitz logs.


It looks like both bugcat and Martin broke their promises to each other. :stuck_out_tongue: Martin was clearly trying to block bugcat from playing F3, but missed.


I’d pronounce it conceptually as NATO, but with a B.


Only two moves in and things already look super cramped and chaotic. The next few days are going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Just a couple of observations:

Piggy’s stones seem to have plenty of breathing room, although that probably doesn’t mean too much here.
The white/red/blue formation on the right looks really interesting.
That bottom right corner seems to be begging for Haze to come in.


So this could possibly be relevant to king kaios moves

I wouldn’t have expected go memes to be the place to post it to be fair. At least they’re still playing on :slight_smile: Hope the workload lightens up!

The top left of the board definitely looks more peaceful, and the fighting soon to start on the right and bottom left

What about en-bee-toh


Reposting this here so I can “like” it. :smiley:



Not counting the empty thread/thread with no game users (hey that could be us kibitzers) and the rest of the binary numbers count whether the players are in the communication or not.

I guess the ones with only one player are the private kibitz logs.

Should be 2^8 - 10, since the chats with one user aren’t really communication either, and a chat with 8 people is just the game thread…

Looks like yebellz disagrees :laughing:

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Thank You! I finally see it! I was just assuming it was a correct figure while having this nagging uncertainty that the number could really be so nice as a power of two minus one, but now I get it. The “natural insight” is that a binary number of length n has the capacity to store exactly 2^n bits of information. That is to say, it can label that many distinct states. Every possible communication thread either has or doesn’t have each of the eight players, and each of their participation is independent of the others! Thus it can be represented as an array of eight booleans, which is of course equivalent to a binary number of length eight. That’s so elegant. And then you can subtract 1, or 8, or whatever based on your ideas of what counts as communication threads!


I assume @le_4TC and @Maharani are still allied and that Maharani was okay with le_4TC taking the slide because of the congestion on the right. I hope the northern alliance will be a force to be reckoned with for at least an elimination or two; it could be quite interesting to see unfold.

I also wouldn’t wonder if @bugcat and @martin3141 are actually friendly and planning to split the bottom while letting the other players believe that their fighting makes them a nonfactor.

I also would expect @Haze_with_a_Z and @le_4TC to work together against kingkaio.

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According to the logs of both bugcat and martin, they’re not really wanting to work together, but towards each other they’re acting as if they’re friendly