Android app by zen android

hi, is the app “online go” by “zen android” an official / supported development?

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We do not really have an “official” app as we do not have the manpower nor desire since AFA we are concerned the website works well for mobiles too.

However the app you are reffering to is made by one of our players and he’s done an amazing job! If you would prefer an app be sure to check it out. :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the info.

Hi @otagotasolo and thank you for the interest. I am the author of the app, please feel free to drop any suggestions, bugs, comments etc on this thread: Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?

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i didnt test it so far but i will be happy to do it.

I’ve been using it instead of the browser version as I’ve had some problems where stones get placed randomly when I hit ‘submit’. The app looks are works great, plus you get push notifications when it’s your turn which is really nice. Some functions are lacking as far as the website goes, like stats and such, but us very much ready to GO (ha, get it?) *I’ll show myself out :confused: *

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i used the app for some days and it is a very nice piece of software. notifications were nice however i noticed some battery drain. not sure if connected to that feature.
it has a nice simplicity. imo simplicity is probably the biggest strength of this app as the website works well on mobile.

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