Announcing the 2015 Creator Invitational

The 2015 Creator Invitational is a double elimination tournament comprised of eight players, each of whom is in the process of creating videos, giving online lessons, or streaming Go.

The purpose of this tournament is to help create awareness of different go resources (videos/streaming) and to create an event that Go players in the West can look forward to watching.

The current player list:
Clossius (Shawn Ray)
Justin Teng
Starstorm (Joshua Lee)
Stephen Xiaocheng (Xhu)
James (Monkk)
Jerry Shen
Tyler Oyakawa

The games will be casted by Dwyrin on his stream ( and will be hosted on the other player’s streams as well.

Date/Time: The first round will begin on February 7th at 4pm PST and each subsequent round will be the following weekend at 4pm.

We look forward to your viewership.

The channels for the players are listed below:

Clossius -
Longstride -
Justin Teng -
Tyler Oyakawa -
Joshua Lee -

James (Monkk) -
Jerry Shen -
Dwyrin -
Jermelle -
Clossius -
Tyler Oyakawa-
Justin Teng -


Stephen Xiaocheng is a big contributor at the OGS (online-go-server) and runs a weekly Q&A session. He’s now one of the founding members and developers behind the Nova League. A project to help players compete in a league system to improve their play.



Sounds awesome!
I’ll make sure to watch and draw some people’s attention to it.

So i assume this will be played on OGS?

Sounds like an awesome tournament, and good luck especially to monkk and maybe jermelle (if memory serves me, they are probably the weakest players and might have a hard time if this is without handicap)

We haven’t decided upon a particular server to play on, but at the moment KGS seems to be the preferred server. Subject to change though.

Hmm, tough opponents… :smiley:

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Will probably watch the stream anyways so the server does not matter too much :wink:

Looking forward to it. Barely possible to watch it live hehe (considering the time difference)

ok that is midnight utc so at most 1 hour of stream for me

Oh, that 4pm was in crazy time :confused:
But at least it’s weekend.

Can’t wait to see this! Go @xhu98 make OGS proud!


Hey all,

I’m very glad to say that I’m now among top 3 places of the invitational! Thanks for all the support so far and I will try my best to get into the finals! :smile:


Thank you everyone for supporting me throughout this tournament! I got 3rd place after losing to Starstorm…It was a very interesting game with three major ko fights. Here’s a shoutout to all OGS supporters who have been cheering for the best players and making this tournament a spectacle. You are the best crowd ever. :heart:

Don’t miss the final (odnihs vs. Starstorm3)! :smile:

EDIT: I was glad to see myself fighting like a warrior, whether winning or losing, whether being the favorite or the underdog. That’s the spirit of Go.