Another new player

Hello all. I’m a brand new player and was hoping I could convince someone to show me the ropes. I have reviewed the rules and have played several life/death tutorials online, though I have a lot of trouble applying them to games. I have never played a live opponent, though I have played a few games against a computer opponent (Crazy Stone). Needless to say I’ve not done particularly well, even on the easiest setting. I seem to make the same mistakes repeatedly, and… well, I could just use some help learning basic strategy if anyone is interested and has the patience.


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I won’t be available much today, but may have some time tomorrow if you like!

In the meantime, some suggestions that may help. First, don’t worry too much about life and death right now. They can be helpful, but there are better ways to spend your time when first learning. Specifically, playing games! Feel free to jump into live games with opponents around your rank (22k-25k) and just play! See things that work, things that don’t, etc. There’s a go proverb of sorts that you should lose your first 50 (sometimes 100 depending on who’s saying it) as quickly as possible. That is to say, play and don’t try to overthink. I’ve helped teach a bunch of very new players at the local club, and the things that slow them down most are overthinking a move trying to read it out. Your reading skills (reading ahead that is) are not to the point where that’s going to help, so try to spend, say, 20-40 seconds or so on a move. That way you can have time to make sure it makes sense (isn’t self-atari, etc.) without trying to read out a long sequence that will, and no offense, probably be wrong.

Playing people of your own skill level is super valuable. Go get some games in! Don’t worry about the outcome, just worry about learning. =]

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No offense taken (concerning my ability to read ahead), and thank you for the advice. I have at least a few games played toward my first 50 (or 100) losses, so I guess that’s progress? For the most part, I’m happy to see that most of the people here (at least, the ones I’ve interacted with) are helpful and friendly.

Hey, always happy to see a new soul start the wretched life of a go player. :slight_smile:

If you want add me as a friend (How do I access my friends list?) and when you see me online shoot me a PM and we can play a game and I shall try to give you a review afterwards (around 10k review… ;))

There are as many opinions on what to learn first as there are go stones on the board, my advice is do what is fun for you. (It is a game after all) If you like doing tsumegos, great! They are a great way to learn about eyeshapes and practice reading (although I agree reading is not at all essential on lower levels it is a good skill to have anyway :slight_smile: ).

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I am somewhat new here myself in that I have not played a lot of game. If I see you online maybe we can play a game together and see how it goes.

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Sure :slight_smile:

Hey! :slight_smile:
Welcome to le online-go,a place where Go-players all across the world gather to play this wonderful game.

I recommend you try out the 9x9 board first before actually advancing on to 13 & 19. Try and get accustomed to the feel of the board first. There are many puzzles for you to try out for 9x9 and they will help you with joseki etc. Recognising common shapes are essential too!

Shoot me a correspondence anytime! Am willing to help