[ANSWERED] Does the "Bot Games" filter work properly?

Is it just me? Or unchecking “Bot Games” on Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS also hides non-bot games?

Just to be clear, it doesn’t hide all of them, just some of them.
And is it perhaps the “observe games” page isn’t meant to display all active games? Because I’m watching one game now that is not listed there.

edit: Known bug, according to the the comment by Igloo below.

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Are you sure another box isn’t also unchecked?

Are you sure the “observe games” page and the game your were watching are both in the same category (i.e., both live or both correspondence)?

The only things unchecked are: “Friend games only”, “13x13”, “9x9”, “Other”.

I compared checking and unchecking “Bot Games”, and usually some games disappear. Just to be clear all of the games involving bots (gray names) dissapear plus a few non-bot games.

Seems no one else noticed it, so could be just on my end.

Just 2 questions:

  1. The games are always sorted by rank, right? If not, it could be they got reshuffled to another page.
  2. All games are displayed on that page, right? Because on top of this filtering problem, sometimes ongoing games just disappeared from the list. Could be related or the cause of the “bot games” filter problem.

It’s a known bug.


It’s larger than just the issue with bots though.

I had another thread on this recently : Why is the list of ongoing games incomplete?


I also have filed a bug about filtering games, on group pages. Perhaps it’s related:

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looking forward to a fix :slight_smile:

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