Anti-escaping and Anti-stalling features

I still agree with what I posted here, but I would like to add one more caveat to my comments on the Anti-Stalling Feature: only the player who passes x times in a row (I believe it’s 3, currently) ought have the option to end the game by server decision, the player who is still playing stones ought not be given that option

If this is already the case, then great! but I have not been able to ascertain whether or not it is

In the situation in which my opponent is trolling by refusing to pass even after all dame and teire are filled, I could click “end game by server decision” after passing a few times, and it wouldn’t matter that the opponent didn’t get the chance

But the situation I expect to encounter more often (though still rarely), is that I am playing a complete beginner. In such cases, I am usually happy to let them play well past the end of the game, because the rationale for why certain groups will be removed can be quite abstract at that level, and I hope that by playing a game all the way to its logical conclusion, the rationale for the shortcuts taken during scoring will make more sense to them (of course, if they pass I’ll pass right back and go to counting). If I in the course of doing this get an option to end the game by server decision, no problem, I can just decline the dialogue. But if my opponent gets that option, especially being new, they may assume that that’s just how Go games are supposed to end and click it (it seems we’ve had many people being confused about the popup and accepting it without realizing what it was doing), which would undercut all the time I had just put into giving them the valuable experience of playing out a game not until a 3k thought it was done, but until they thought it was done, and then seeing how the 1 and 2 stone groups (if any) which were left in my territory were removed during counting (since they passed, hopefully they’ve played to the point where they actually understand why they can’t save those stones, and aren’t just trusting me as the stronger player). They would be unwittingly cheating themselves of a valuable learning experience that they’ve already (whether they know it or not) invested some time into, and rendering my attempt at helping a new player wasted