Anton's youtube channel

I recently started a youtube channel where I’ve been uploading about one video per day on various topics. I’ll include some of my most recent videos below, please check out the channel if it looks interesting to you :blush:


Good luck with your channel! :slight_smile:
It’s a bit advanced for me, but I’ll make sure to check it out.

Thank you! I’m planning to make videos aimed at all different levels, so I hope you’ll find something you enjoy. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see just let me know :smiley:


For a small channel (does not have 1k or more subs, sorry to criticize you too.) the editing is on spot and pretty decent explaining I would say.
Personally I like the dance party mode on your camera but it isn’t suitable for go but I think there are still some good ones for go.

Are you talking about the same videos I’ve seen?


Today I played a game with two random opening moves, will probably keep trying this with more random openings!


I don’t know if you watched one on that mode before as I don’t live in yourself or control your electronic devices

Another random opening, this time with 3 moves!


I’m planning to continue this series with one more random opening move each time, how many do you think I’ll manage before losing? :blush:


50 against me cuz I am only a 18kyu in OGS

Two new videos today! First some more basic problems:

Then I played another random opening, can I keep the winning streak going? Watch to find out :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s some more recent videos:

Some “under the stones”-problems:

Playing one-color go and blind go:

My latest 5d game on Fox:

I’m trying not to spam this forum too much, so please subscribe to the channel if you want to see all my new videos :blush:


Some highlights from this week:

A cool problem:

A new variant:

And some regular go:

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see more of on the channel :blush:

PS. I would love to try to some of the variants/handicaps with knowing opponents here on OGS. For instance, the “Forbidden points” variant becomes much more challenging when the opponent knows which points I’m not allowed to play. If you’re interested in playing that or any other variant, please contact me!


Would you be open to adding some reverse komi to some of these variants so that us kyus could also play with the restrictions without getting completely destroyed? If so, I might be interested in either forbidden points or knight’s moves (probably the first move of both players can be anywhere, and then subsequent moves must follow the rule).

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Of course! I’m used to thinking of these as handicaps that are only applied to one of the players, but if you prefer we both play by the same rules we can always use reverse komi (or regular old handicap stones) to even things out. For forbidden points I think the best way to do handicap is simply to have different number of forbidden points.

I should be available to play between 05:00 and 21:00 UTC most days, just name your preferred time and variant! (and the same goes for anyone else interested)


I could play knights move right now if you’re available; I’d propose any area scoring ruleset, and then a komi of <default komi> - (14 * <difference in ranks>).

Edit: or add instead of subtract if you want Black.

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The game with Samraku ended up being quite long (90 min), so I decided to make a shorter (25 min) review instead:

The video of the actual game is also available (see the link in the description) if anyone is interested :blush:


Cool; I’ll have to wait until this evening to watch it since I’m at work, but should be fun to see your perspective on the game. :smiley:

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Can I be in a video that you teach people how to play when your opponent gets a big handicap?

Sure! Just let me know which times you’re available to play and we’ll work something out.

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Are you Okay at 2020-07-28T06:00:00Z or we can do it right now