Any workaround? No email notification in correspondence game

It worked fine and then stopped. I have tried unticking and re-ticking option to get emails. Anything else that I can do?


Have you double checked your spam folder to see if they landed there?

same problem here. changed it to a different email address, doesn’t work with that either. email verification emails came through. does not seem to be a spam issue.

Yep, tried obvious checks. Had recently played a live game - maybe there was a frequency limiter? I couldn’t see server code on github (sorry if I missed the obvious) so am out of ideas…

Back-end is private code, only the front-end is open source.

@Gia Reported similar about a month ago, I don’t think there was an answer at that time

Presumably server code private to prevent hacking? Might be a way of still open sourcing some of the backend - although I guess someone could use that to clone OGS…

Maybe server tracks a lot of state including whether email was sent and that bit has got messed up but… I can only speculate. Or maybe something else triggers suppression.

Interesting, ok noted, I’ll look into it after I’ve put some other fires out

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seems fixed on my side now… (thank you!)


What was the fix? I have this problem myself since several months.

Fixed here too just after midnight BST. I did nothing but got a move email. Woohoo!

Thanks if you had to tinker backend. Any root cause?

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I was monkeying with some message retry code, which works hand in hand with a queue system so I don’t do too many things at once. Whelp I messed up by trying to retry by injecting a request back into the queue, except I did it in such a way that the current request wasn’t completing until the message we put into the queue was completed… so basically it’d block a worker until some other worker had the bandwidth to come along and finish processing the retry message. That works fine until you hit the point where all the workers are waiting for some other worker to finish the work :wink: then the lazy bastards just sat around not delivering mail… actually broke a lot of things as you can imagine.

@bkhl it looks like your email address on file was bouncing which is why you’re not getting emails, totally unrelated issue.


It was bouncing one time so you stopped sending mail, or it’s still bouncing? This is my day-to-day email address that I have not had any problems with on my current mail server so far (other than this).

I’ve tried switching to various other email addresses before, and that didn’t help either, though I suppose they all forward to the same place, so if your SMTP server has some problem with the destination that might still have applied.

In the case that you still get bounces I’d appreciate if I could get the actual error message, so that I can try to address the problem on our mail server.

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@anoek thanks for fixing. Got an email this am again , and now i know i am losing :smile:

Looks like this was back in early December of last year, sorry amazon gets angry with us if we don’t stop sending out emails to complaint and bounced addresses.

I’ve cleared the bounce records from our system so it should go through for you now :slight_smile: I need to add a button for folks to do that themselves… along with like, i dunno, a note or something letting folks know that’s what’s happening in the first place… added to the todo list.


That seems to fit with when I first reported this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, glad to have that resolved, thanks.

As for how to let people do this themselves, maybe make it part of an email verification process, and swap the mail back to “unverified” if it bounces?


A disadvantage of that good suggestion is that some privileges may be lost if email is set to unverified. For example, it may (I don’t know) trigger the “oh, you can’t chat, because you don’t have a verified email” that new accounts have, and it certainly will (when it’s live) disallow you from editing joseki.

Isn’t that still better than your email server bouncing emails and you not knowing about it?

Why would we put in place a solution that creates a new problem, if we can put in place one that doesn’t?

I don’t think it’s likely that we would. Therefore, since there is the risk that this proposed solution creates a new problem, my feeling is we should propose different better ones.

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Yup, I didn’t consider that the email verification is used for other things apart from sending email.

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