Anyone else think the "one trick poney" get anoying

Don’t know if this is just me, but around my rank there is that much player who seem active on the server…and for some reason, quite a few of them are what I call one trick poney.

Every single game, always, the very same opening…Like it’s literally the only thing they ever play. Seriously, there some of them where I played like 40 game again and all 40 game where the same exact fuseki. And if you go thought the game history, that it with every player…they must have plays hundred and hundred of game with the same fuseki every single time… Often, they only post game offer where they can only play black as well (you know, to be sure and certain they can play that fuseki). To be honest, not even sure why they find this enjoyable and not boring over time.

I mean, I get you can learn the proper counter play… and start playing the same counter play every game and probably eventually get some easy win again them. But in any case I feel it just get kinda boring. And don’t help with the boredom of the already low player base.


Personally I’m from the camp of people who play the same fuseki for months.

But I know quite a few players hate new early 3-3 invasion meta. In fact I remember batts complained about it on his stream.


Just learn the counter and beat them every time …


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I basically agree with you. I can understand concentrating on one fuseki for a while in order to gain good experience in it. But I do think that it would be boring to play the same fuseki or the same color for as many games as you describe. You might try watching some games, and then challenging players whose styles you find interesting.

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I can almost guarantee that all 40 of those games were completely different by move 40…
I personally always open with 2 4-4 stones, regardless of my colour, and on the same side unless my opponent forces a cross game.

Even given that, I’d be surprised if many of my games had any overlap even by move 10.

Go is a long game, who cares if the fuseki is the same or not?

(and for the record, I was playing ni-ren-sei before the bots said it was cool)


I have a feeling the 2 are directly related.


Your opponent can’t “force” a cross game!


You know who else play the same openings over and over again? Pros. And you are going to see more and more of this because of AI.

I would agree with @BHydden. Just play quickly the first 10 moves, and then you’ll still have plenty to think about.


Fair point. I don’t play them often so I kinda forgot that detail :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t mind a cross game as white though so I wouldn’t necessarily block the cross game either…

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Yeah I mean you could’ve said, I offer the cross game and play two stars on the same side when they don’t accept the cross game :slight_smile: it’s more of a mouthful though

Even then, I don’t always :slight_smile: I certainly do block the cross at times… but regardless, the rest is true. These days I always take 2 open 4-4 points and go from there :slight_smile:

I do the same thing as BHydden right now, just take two 4-4s. Then I usually go into the 3-3.

I’ll still normally low approach first at least once if I’m black… But I don’t think the order matters too much. I’m not a good enough player for the decision of which to play first to affect later decisions, assuming they both get played at some point…

If I do low approach, I typically commit to settling the position rather than playing away, so they’re not so interchangable for me.

One trick pony here. I basically know only 1 black fuseki :sweat_smile:

I do that irl as well and certainly my friends aren’t annoyed. The next game is always “Last time I played here, and he played here and it was bad for me. This time I will play here instead”, and then we can see what the opponent think about this new move. One of us will always dislike a previous move and try to switch to a potentially better option.

So even though each game is the same fuseki, each game is unique and full of new ideas. I have more than enough chances to be novel with different fusekis when I play white.

When I play as black it’s like “Welcome to my territory, try to break my grand formation”. When I play as white it’s like “I see your intention, I’m gonna break it!”


I played 100 games where I placed 3-4 stone in all 4 corners. So determinism was like in a 9x9 board. I memorized bot review after each game and played exactly like bot in next game. So % of bot moves in opening increased each game as fast as possible.

so to learn counter they need stronger bot
or place random stones which may reduce power of opening like mirror go breaker

But that was boring, now I play as random opening as possible.

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Well… Yes and no i suppose?

I am little annoyed of the current AI style 3-3 invasions from the move 5. I don’t like to play those invasions myself, and i dont like when my opponents invade my 3-3’s and i then have to deal with it. I just simply dont enjoy that modern style of opening, nor do i enjoy seeing how to game developes from that position.
So yes, if we are talking that ‘one trick pony’, i do get annoyed by it.

That being said, because i do get annoyed by it, i play to prevent it pretty much every single time. As b i open with dual 3-4’s on r16 and q3, then approach top left with f17 or something like that. I do that same thing time after time again, just to avoid the 3-3 invasions which nowdays unavoidably happen if i play 4-4’s.
So i think i’m also ‘one trick pony’ that is causing others to get annoyed ;____;


Ive played many different openings in the years i have been palying go. But the one openeing that i have always felt is more “Me”, is the double 4-4 opening. Its something that i have been playing for years.

The reasons i play this way are simple. Its balanced, flexable, and i know what im doing. I could open in another way, using the chinese openings, or using a 3-3 opening move along with a 4-4 opening. But really, i dont think they offer the same ammount of flexability. So i play that way. And yes, i also do the early 3-3 invasion.

The early 3-3 invasion is a great tool to descide how you want to play the rest of the game. It acts an indicator or direction of play, and it helps set the tone of the game i feel. That being said, i also get frustrated with people using the 3-3 on me, because i want everything!!!

But, ive seen pro players play the same openings, and they have likely played thousands of games more than i could hope to play in my life.

I honestly dont see a problem with people playing the same opening. I think its a little pointless to grumble over such an insignificant thing. That being said, if a person is only ever playing one colour to do their fav opening, that is where i start having issues. Because the game takes on a very different fealing from one another. As black, you are a builder. And as white, you are an attacker, as a primary focus. Because white has to overcome the advantage that balck has going first. So I worry that people who only play one colour, may be missing out on furthering their understanding of the game as a whole.

I plan on continuing playing my opening of 2 4-4’s and going from there. thats not to say i wont play another opening sometime, but its my standard opening. And im of the school of thought that the less time i have to think about something, means more time thinking about other things. So i dont think about my opening, i think about things directly after that, so i can do my best in the opening phases of the game.

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Yea, you can indeed do that.

Don’t make it any more entertaining however. You just end playing the same counter to the same opening over and over and over.

Oh yea, I think everyone have it’s fuseki they had better success with, more experience with, fit their play style better…

However, i think it’s bad attitude and habit to only focus on that. Learning to be polyvalent is much more valuable.