Anyone has link to that AI-generated tsumego website?

I forgot where I found it uhuhu

It’s a website where there are AI-generated tsumego that you can solve. They’re just straightforward life-and-death tsumego, seems randomly listed (not grouped in category, but you can sort by percentage of people being able to solve it)

Anyone know the link?

Not a full board tsumego?

Than maybe this one?

But it doesn’t work.
https broke though

security certificate expired 209 days ago


Yep, is what you’re looking for!

Straightforward in terms of objective, not in terms of difficulty :smiley:

I was stuck on problem number 1000 (which incidentally is the icon for the site) so I showed it to some 6 dans between rounds in a tournament, and they also struggled with it. (IIRC one of them solved it overnight and proudly presented the solution the next day!)

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Got a message that it is not a safe connection.

Yes, like @stone_defender mentioned their certificate has expired. I’m pretty sure bypassing the security warning is fine, but be careful if you want to create an account (I seem to remember them storing passwords in plaintext… Great problems, not so great security :upside_down_face:)


Woot, exactly. Thanks guys! <3 <3