Apparent bug in Anti-stalling feature

I’m making a new thread for this, because my post
in the main thread seems to have been missed.

The Anti-stalling feature did not trigger for
巧克力奶昔 vs. hoctaph ​ :

I don’t know if this was

the threshold actually being ​ ​ ​ > 10.5 ​ ​ ​ rather than
just ​ ​ ​ > 10 ​ , ​ ​ ​ whether directly or by rounding
resumption resetting the counter,
even though from what anoek said it shouldn’t
some larger issue


I thought the limit was increased to 20 (and maybe some special case of handicap 9x9 too?)

In that thread, the search finds no ​ ​ ​ “twenty” s ​ , ​ ​ ​ and the ​ ​ ​ “20” s
it finds don’t seem to be anything about a different threshold.

Also, if there has been such a change, then that
thread’s opening post has not yet been fixed to match.

What thread?

Oops, my mistake earlier! I incorrectly stated that the threshold had been increased to 20. After double-checking, I realize that the rules have not changed and the threshold remains the same. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Please disregard my previous message. Thanks for keeping me honest!