April shenanigans vol. 2

Would anybody be interested to have another go at random player Go?
I was thinking same idea, with the following changes:

  • More of a live game, we all set an hour that works for us and play. If needed, for example if we play 19x19 this time, maybe 2 short evening sessions.
  • No discobot, let’s do players playing in order, posting their move in the game chat for me to relay.

As before, 3 players at least, everyone welcome.
I won’t be participating, only relaying the moves on the demo board.

I’m going to bed, feel free to add ideas, if interested.


If it’s live, sure!

We can get a random move order fixed for the whole game with random.org, either post that order publicly, or have you assign who plays. If integrity is a question, you could post it in a PM to nobody, and invite any doubting players after the game

I trust players won’t private chat to arrange moves, either lol

I don’t think it’s a problem either, I just enjoy thinking about these kind of things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I will join depending on the time. Some times just don’t work for me. You probably won’t care because I am not that good at 19x19 even if I try my hardest. I was 3-0 against someone, we switched from playing 9x9 to 19x19 together, I went 0-3.

It goes without saying that we’ll choose a time that works for everyone who wants to participate.

I need to sleep now.

@Vsotvep, @Haze_with_a_Z it’s just you two, so I may join to have 3 players. I’ll wait a few hours and then we can schedule.
If you’re still in, can you give me times that work for you?

Does each player also play both sides if there is an uneven amount of players?

Please post the time you agree in here, if it fits I might join spontaneously

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Please see here for more details