Are shared variations deletable?

I accidentally shared the variation in Analysis (NOT Review) of my whole game with my correspondence opponent…
If possible I would like to delete it before he sees it or there goes all my strategies but I can’t seem to… I know reviews are not deletable for some unfathomable reason. Are variations undeletable as well? :frowning:

Can the mods help to delete it please? It’s like the only correspondence game I have on right now (cos the guy derives sadistic joy in drawing the game out).

Try getting mods attention in the chat, it might work faster.

Im 90% sure shared variations aren’t delete able, aside from that for future reference use the malkovich Log to post your variations.

Since your opponent can’t see your malkovich log until the game has ended. (Note: it’s the book icon beside the chat bubbles)

On a side note I’m currently playing the same opponent as well. It is annoying (s)he always seems to wait til the last hour to make a move but I digress (s)he can only be busy with real life i assume.


Aww dang, It’s my first time hearing about it. But to be fair, you cant choose when accidents occur so being in the Malkovich log is still a prevention rather than a fixing of the problem but I understand.

For whatever, reason, it’s still annoying. Guess this will be my last correspondence. Makes me feel better that others understand :smile:

[quote=“hiryuu, post:4, topic:6110”]
For whatever, reason, it’s still annoying. Guess this will be my last correspondence. [/quote]
Don’t take it so hard :wink: AND … this is just ONE game! I myself have accidentally shared variations to the chat instead to the M log more often than I’d like to admit :wink: and I still play correspondence, AND I still share M log comments and variations frequently.

I just have to force myself to double-check where I am when I want to share. I’m also sure it will happen again :smiley:

And who knows, maybe in some tournament you’ll play me and will be lucky to see such a blunder from me :joy:

Cordially, Tom

Haha I can’t deny I’m not feeling frustrated about this but i was referring to another issue, one about exceedingly slow correspondence players that I and HowToPlay are facing/have faced.

They are are in the minority who drag out the round of the tournament simply because they are very slow thinkers or cannot commit to the game (very likely the latter). If so, I think the onus is on them to be considerate and not participate in such tournaments in the first place even though they technically can. Some even seem to do so deliberately, waiting until literally almost the last few hours before playing, essentially making it 1 day per move (the Fischer increment) for a 100-140+ move game for 13x13, take very long vacations, take full advantage of weekend pauses and I essentially have a 4-5 month game for something that could have ended a lot faster for normal people who don’t seem to want to avoid playing Go, which is something that should be played in their free time for leisure and not avoided like the plague as if it was work.

There should be a rule to disqualify or void such games after a reasonable amount of time when the vast majority are able to finish their games with no problems. Well of course, it could be debated that I could just not participate if I don’t have the patience nor want to needlessly frustrate myself. To that, I agree, hence I won’t any longer unless there are shorter timings or other rulings in place to prevent further needless prolonging.

Thanks for the cheerful reply though Tom :slight_smile:

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Erm. Why complain about time settings? They are there for a reason. If you don’t like someone using those time settings then don’t participate in tournaments that use such slow time settings…


This exactly is why I play correspondence games :stuck_out_tongue: One game I’m playing has been going for almost two years now, IIRC.

I have a terrible job that needs 120% attention and concentration, for which I have sit at the computer far more than is healthy for me, and I have some trouble concentrating on my games since IF I open one I know it’s going to take me quite some time to decide on a move, so I only open my games when I know I have up to ten or fifteen minutes time.

Really happy that we haven’t yet played a game now <jk> :smiley: But honestly, I’d hate to have annoyed you in a game. Anyway, maybe now you see how people come to play that way and choose to play in tournaments with exact such settings. Can’t express how much I hope to make it through the next seven years until I can retire, and then, I’m sure, I’ll love to dedicate more time and concentration to my favourite game :slight_smile:

Peace, Tom


it’s my first and I didnt realise it would be so long for a 7 day + 1 Day Fischer Setting to be this long. I expected it to be 1-2 months, maybe 3 for slow players. My expectations for my first time were not unrealistic as well. Most of the games in all the brackets of the whole tournament’s first round were indeed over by Jan for a tourney that started on Nov. Well, lesson learnt.

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That is fast by correspondence standards. :wink: Before that Internet thing become popular people used to play correspondence by the Snail Mail, now that was slow. On other correspondence servers it’s still pretty common to have 30-90 days of main time for the game with rather generous overtimes.

I have a game elsewhere with my opponent moving something like once in 5 days in a position that is hopelessly lost for a couple of months now… But well, he’s some 10 stones weaker than me and it takes me a couple minutes per week at most to respond so why should I become annoyed? :innocent: On the other hand I’ve just resigned a 9 stones handi game to a dan player. That guy was always responding within 5-10 minutes after my move and I was taking days. And I guess last month he too was wondering why I’m still playing.

It’s hard to introduce such measures without them hurting legitimate players. When OGS reduced the main time for ladder games to 3 days, it already drove away some players. Yup, the games become a bit faster because slower players had left. I still think it was a bad tradeoff. Some of those slower players were the best the old OGS had.

If it’s obvious your opponent is abusing the rules you can call a moderator. But it could be that the opponent is genuinely overwhelmed with RL issues (or just had started way too many games something like half a year ago; it’s easy to do but hard to recover from) and barely manages to prevent games from timing out.


And those like me, i don’t have the time or energy for constantly playing my correspondence games, and even when i have half a day time to play those, nothing guarantees that my opponent plays his/her move in that time allowing me to play again. Also i’m a slow thinker xD

1 move per day is actually pretty fast, i’d say im far from being that fast myself. I don’t take long vacations, but a lot of shorter ones, because i don’t want to sit at my home 24/7, sometimes i like to spent few days with me friends, and i put myself to vacation mode so i don’t time out every time i leave home.
Of course i take advantage of weekend pauses, why wouldn’t i? i thinks it’s a shame that ladder games won’t pause on weekend.
so 250-300 move game for 19x19 can take a lot of time, i think oldest current games i have are about 1 year old ^^

There is. If player takes too long to make his moves, he will lose by timeout, and gets disqualified from that tournament. [quote=“hiryuu, post:9, topic:6110”]
it’s my first and I didnt realise it would be so long for a 7 day + 1 Day Fischer Setting to be this long. I expected it to be 1-2 months, maybe 3 for slow players.
yeah, sounds easily like 8 month game :slight_smile:

It already was max 3 days when i joined here, i actually think it’s too short… maybe max 5 days would fit better for me.


The kind of player we are talking about is never making a move during the weekend, never making a move if more than 24 hours are left on the clock (so as to not accidentally waste 2 hours of Fischer times), is taking holidays as soon as the week (including the already free weekend) has accrued a couple of days and is switching to game pause after the vacation is used up which is hard to detect. It’s much less than one move per day even though the setting is one move per day.

And saying that the “reason” for the settings is to use them in the slowest way possible and that players who don’t want this should give up all flexibility or not complain is simply another way of saying that people who want flexibility without dragging on forever should simply shut up and never get their preferred way of playing.

Currently, there is no way for us to find appropriate correspondence games.

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Sure, that borders abuse and if that is done in a clearly lost position, I would say it is abuse. But how many such players are there? Maybe I’m lucky, but I’m seeing that only in neglectable percentage of my games.

It would be nice if player’s average playing speed was shown his profile, allowing one to choose opponents based on that. You can’t choose your tournament opponents, though. I guess you can direct your own tournaments, specifiying that strict rules against unreasonably slow play will be in effect. Then disqualify anyone you deem unreasonably slow. I have no idea how attractive this format could be. Not for me, certainly, but I’m not the only person out there. :slight_smile:


There are actually several groups (with “fast” in the name) that try things like this. It doesn’t work out too well. I’d say (from other tournaments with special openings or Malkovich logs) that about a quarter of people joining a tournament do not even read the tournament description.

I am not asking for any change on the site or something because I don’t have a good solution, technical or policywise except for stopping correspondence games myself when and if my dragging games ever end. But I don’t like it if someone claims that I could “easily choose faster settings” to remedy the problem. It’s like telling someone whose opponent escapes after the first move that they should have set a 30sec per move time instead of 30 minutes main time.

Edited to add: I don’t think that my opponent is abusive, but I do think that our playing preferences are absolutely incompatible.

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