Are the bots broken or is there just not enough server resources to run the bots?

I just got into go and have been trying to learn by playing vs bots, but the bot has timed out literally EVERY SINGLE GAME. This site is unplayable because if I’m behind at all at any point in the game, the bot will just stop playing and automatically win.

I get the idea from the chat and other forum threads that the bots are broken. It is preferred to play human players.

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Yep bots are pretty jacked up right now… we’ve got some fixes coming for them. In the meantime, the site isn’t unplayable… you can totally play a real human.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say the bot will just stop playing and automatically win? The bot would eventually time out and you would win.


I played a few games with both after registering account here. It is true that bot wins even if it times out and not you. strange. I don’t play bots anymore as they most probably are running on gnugo which you can easily install and play against with GoGui on your computer.

can you show me an example game of where a bot timed out but was marked as having won?

sorry, my bad. bot timed out but didn’t register it as win. here is the url of game though:

i though i lost in that game because i was disconnected once during the game.

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