Are you worried about coronavirus?





No one wears masks now. Today they asked me to wear a mask at a tuberculosis hospital. I was very offended /s

We are heading for elections.

Coronavirus is up to polls. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I hope your brother is on the mend :slight_smile:

I still wear one even though it is not mandatory. We had mask mandates when the cases were in the hundreds and now we are still in the thousands despite the extremely fewer tests that are being conducted here currently (which would suggest that things are far worse than they seem).

The way I see it something is reasonable or it is not.
Masks always made sense and I am not keen on suspending logic, so that the ministry of tourism can have a better campaign (they had declared that from end of September we’d probably go back to having some mandates and more vaccinations - quite the predictors of the future, our ministers, eh? The fact that the tourist season ends at that time is purely happenstance :innocent:).

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Same here, but the risk by number of confirmed cases is hard tell with omicron variants, so I tend to watch hospitalization numbers instead to see how serious the situation is.

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I should maybe bring a few infos about China vs covid.
First it’s not a closed topic here. There are still use of sanitary pass. If you take train, you need to test. In some touristic area, you will be asked to wear a mask. And although i m not there to check exactly how is the situation, it seems that there are still locked part of Shanghai after a break in the restrictions there.

Considering hygiene rules (washing hands) the covid did create an amazing infrastructure of public toilets and washing hands basins (on the streets) as a side effect (not discussing about the effectiveness on covid in itself).