Artificial Intelligence & designing tsumego

Is it possible for AI to design (new) tsumego puzzles?
And if so, has this already been tried?
What are the results and experiences?


(I didn’t try it.)

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I did try the app but it is not available anymore (or at least not when I tried).

And that github page is abracadabra for me.

Within the conquest of go thread

which links to for example

I believe these are ai generated problems from games.

Are you wondering about just random tsumego? Like have the computer throw random stones in a corner of the board until it finds something with unique (ish) solutions?

That can be an option. But what first came to mind was that AI could create tsumegos itself just like it can solve problems, develop a strategy, etc.
Explain the concept of (false) eyes, liberties, capturing races, etc. (if not already done so) and formulate the goal: create a problem with a given number of black and white stones (not necessarily the same number for black and white) with possible outcomes: capture or seki.

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Long ago i heard about some successful experimentation with programs which could generate and solve some tsumegos.
That was much before AI and i can not tell you more, hope you find information on those old program(s?).

At that time the computing go community was publishing computergo, that could be a source of information.

Tsumego was then somewhat easier as programing the full game, an interesting first step at least.

For today i only heard of AI used on famous difficult tsumego to check the existing solutions, if my memory still working, a thread on L19 maybe?

A version of Katago was even explicitly trained to work one just one tsumego: Jane Street Tech Blog - Deep-Learning the Hardest Go Problem in the World

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