Audio updates v2

Why not just add your complaint to the thread about the thing you are complaining about, especially given it already being discussed?
Have you done any of your own mock ups on how to slim it down without taking away options?


He’s got a point though: there are more options than necessary. For example, why would anyone enable “Capture 4 stones - pile,” but disable “Capture 3 stones”? You could streamline it with a single option called “Capture sounds.” Same with “Connection sounds,” “Tutorial sounds,” “Periods left,” "Game end sounds, and so on. Maybe @anoek can find time to clean it up.


I think vicktor was mostly pointing out that dorien has only insults to offer rather than any genuine feedback on how to make it better


Criticizing something without sounding abrasive or impatient is a skill that can be learned. But a person who hasn’t can still be worth listening to.


I was about to write something negative but I understand you are all trying to do something nice at the end. Which I respect. However, you suck in UI design. and that impacts all the great stuff done behind the scenes. Considered getting a professional look at it? - but also listen to him/her?

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Well, there’s always a tradeoff between ease to use and wide range of customizable options, kind of like offering a simple restaurant menu and another with rich variety. I do think that the current design can be tweaked; perhaps one way to improve the UI can be reduced is offering a row of checkboxes instead of multiple rows of on/off switches, for example:

Enable voice for n periods left: ( )5 ( )4 ( )3 ( )2 ( )1

Maybe finding out how many users who actually want a granular, customized sound setting would also help. I suspect that most people are fine with just having a few “express settings”, which usually involve choosing one option and enabling multiple properties at the same time. Then, if someone really wants to fine tune whether they get a voice warning while in the final byo-yomi period, they can do so in the “advanced settings”.

But I have to say, wow do we have some bitter people here :joy:


The front end (ie. the UI design) is 100% open source over at GitHub… if you can do a better job, please do add your name to the list of contributors who have helped make this site great :slight_smile:


That’s my point. I think you are living in 80s. Don’t expect some anonymous people to commit to git a redesign redo. Get professional help. Budget it. Ask for help on the budget. Then we’ll help.

I agree there are some things that could be improved. But we have the best UI design out of all the Go servers, and I’m proud to be a part of this community. We do have a full time professional dev running OGS, we don’t have enough money for a second, he does a tremendous job but he’s just one man, there is only so much development he can put out and all that considered I think OGS is even more amazing.

If you want to help, feel free to donate your time, money, or ideas. It is all greatly appreciated. Frankly, even if we had the money to hire someone to give the site a full redesign, there are bigger priorities right now that we’d put that money towards. The site will get a redesign some day, but for now it has to wait its turn like all the other development goals.


Excuse me, I’m confused. Was this a sales pitch? Because it looked like a sales pitch.


To be fair, most of users (aka me) open settings screen once a year.


“set and forget”


I think you might overestimate the amount of cash we have floating around :wink:

That being said, the settings page is a mess right now, after I finish integrating the other languages I’m going to be updating the whole page. I welcome input from anyone who cares enough to provide actionable ideas, but unfortunately we do not have the many thousands of dollars a ui/ux expert would cost. Also understand that hiring such a person would likely anger a lot of people who like the way the site is right now as it would undoubtedly change the feel of the whole site… there’s no pleasing everyone.


He pitched it, alright.

…and here comes the changeup…

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please go back to playing with your rainbow fish.

the reason the site is not where you believe it deserves to be is because the user experience sucks. you won’t solve it by adding new features or by firefighting.

I think ‘sucks’ is a pretty harsh descriptive of the user experience here. Not sure why but you sound kinda bent. I feel like defending OGS here, for if nothing else user experience is great. I have no trouble managing the UI. Turn it off if you don’t like it, or move servers.

You mention over engineering, and yes I can agree simpler is generally better, but what piece of modernity isn’t engineered to the Nth degree? In fact I think people yearn to mix the old with the new. People are addicted to nostalgia. We’re not going to leave it behind. It takes trail and error to find the right mesh, but I’ve seen constant improvements.

They listen. They try and lead by example. 'Nuff said.


My user experience is great :man_shrugging:


I’ve been pretty good on the site so far. I do know someone with a not as good experience, but that was not the site itself’s problem. It was a completely different problem.


Look, mom, this salesperson hurt my feelings.