Average rating

Im interested in finding out what the average player rating is, in chess i believe it was 1200 elo?

Would love to see a graph showing any details of this. Thanks

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See the ranking update post: the top post contains statistics:

From that it seems 10.4k is average on OGS, which coincidentally is a Glicko2-rating of 1200 (Glicko is like Elo, but additionally adjusts for rank certainty).

Note that Elo-like systems have an arbitrary midpoint: that 1200 is also average in chess is pure coincidence and your Go Glicko / Elo rating should not be compared with your chess Elo. In fact, even different Elo systems from different pools (FIDE, or chess sites) cannot be compared, if not linked together some way or another.

There have been comparisons of Go ranks between different servers / associations, but those have become outdated since our latest rank update. The current ranks here should be comparable to EGF / AGA ranks around the 1d area, while our kyu ranks around 20k are a couple of stones weaker than the 20k’s from EGF / AGA


The real answer: what ever your heart (aka your server) desires.