Beginner not able to play Mantis

Hi there,

I just started learning how to play go and love this site, but lost enough times to Mantis that now I’m not able to play it because of the 9 level rank difference.

Is there any way that this rank limit could be lifted for the first level so that I could keep practicing against the computer?



I asked about this in the help chat channel as well.
They suggested that you play unranked games against the bots to get better, then play a few ranked games with other humans to promote.

oh that’s great! thanks!

Also note that bots have different restrictions on what games they allow. Bots are run externally, not by OGS and thus the interface is not really super user friendly, but these restrictions are usually written in bots profile.

Or check here for reference:

Manster Mantis was not running at that time, but in short it plays only 99 or 1313.