Being Lonely Really Sucks T-T

Hey everyone! It has been almost a year now. A lot has happened in the last 10 months since I made my first in search of Go friends thread (I don’t think that was its name but whatever :laughing: ). There have been many unexpected ups and downs, left turns and right-angling tunnels; both covered in a fair share of positive and negative experiences. And nothing seems to stayed the same…

Well, except one thing: I am still friendless :confused:

I mean, I have met plenty of folks since I first made the original thread. I got into Reddit and found some groups dedicated to helping teens like me find friends. I made a Discord account and joined some servers. I have talked to a lot of people and only a few of them did I really enjoy communicating with. Sadly, all of them ghosted me. So here I am, back at square one :pensive:

One thing I struggled to find in people was an interest in Go. So far the only teen I have met on the site who also lived in the USA that I talked to was @Haze_with_a_Z. But she is one of the people I mentioned that ghosted me so :man_shrugging:

Anyway, I was wondering if there were other teens among you folks who bother to glance at this thread that are themselves interested in getting to know another fellow Go lover!

I am male, 16 years old, and I enjoy pretty much every kind of activity that works me creativity and gives me a chance to grow. I consider myself to be a happy and well-adjusted individual, but I may come off as 10 kinds of crazy to you :crazy_face:

I value compassion, empathy, kindness, authenticity, and people who have the courage to always speak their truth. So if you think we might strike a chord, then I would sure love to hear from you. And if not, I wish you the best of luck on your own journey. Take care :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Heya, it’s sad that you didn’t achieve your goal yet, but great that you are continuing to try.

I’m curious why age is a factor in your quest? Why do you need a teen Go lover?

And why do you need then to be in the US?

I suspect that the conclusion that “the person ghosted you” might be making the mistake of thinking that it was about you. We haven’t seen Haze here for ages - maybe that person just lost interest in Go, and since your relationship was based on go, it discontinued… people depart Go almost (very very closely to) the rate at which they take it up!


Welcome back!
I am not so surprised with the difficulties you have to get friends online.
Even i would say it’s very common between internet users to not get that many solid friendship.

What about real, face to face realtionships outside internet?

That being said (and it is true) I have a number of folk in this community that I think of as pretty solid friends…


is this the one?

Ah - I think that this was the more telling quote:

"But if you do so, you have to be open to my thoughts, views, and opinions. I live in the US, where we (the people) exercise freedom of speech. I have the right to have my own beliefs and if anyone disagrees with said opinions, then they can keep their thoughts to themselves.

… a person with this opinion is not looking for a friend, they are looking for a sycophant.

My best friends are generally those who can disagree with my opinions and tell me about that …


Or argue for long enough to realise we actually agree but from different points of view :sweat_smile:


I guess our young american friend has yet to figure out that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from disagreement. In fact it’s the opposite :smiley:


I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than only talking to people that agreed with me. I can talk to myself whenever I want, I talk to others to have my views challenged. :heart:


Yeah I totally agree :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dhaumyric1 what do you expect from a friend? If you expect to stay in touch with eath other and chat on a regular basis, it might be a lot to ask for. Especially online, where one can meet thousands of people, but one can stay in touch with only this many.

I have lost touch with many of my childhood friends, but still consider them my friends. And when I meet them again every few years, I have found that we still get along very well :slight_smile:


The english chatroom has worked for me on making friends, it’s usually filled with very kind-hearted individuals around the world ^^