Blindfold go, 19x19 edition

I played Cosumi bot blindfolded on 9x9, but how about 19x19?

In my case the answer is “it’s tough”! At best I could imagine 3x3 patch of the board.

Here’s my attempt with White stones:

When I played J6 I thought H6 is further from the action, so I got confused and resigned.

I bet dans can play the game almost all the way through with some practice.

Here’s the link:

Go play it, a rather refreshing experience. Almost like meditation in front of an empty board.


Hey, hey, hey, people. The last reply to this topic was 12 months ago.

But today I managed to beat Cosumi in blindfolded mode! This one game took almost 3 hours, maybe 2.5. 218 moves. Yay!


heh, wow. Meanwhile I can rarely not get lost on simple 9x9. :open_mouth:


Losing because you forgot where one of the stones were seems a bit silly. It’d be nice if it just said, there’s a stone here (even if it didn’t say the colour). I was losing the 9x9 level 1 anyway but would’ve been nice to finish it.

On the other hand it makes the 19x19 seem more impressive than it already did.

Also obligatory reference


It makes sense to make you lose if you don’t remember a stone in a game where the whole point in remembering stones. When we played blindfold chess back in childhood the coach also established “impossible move - automatic loss” rule.

Also, this is going to be much harder to play without a board and moves called out by voice, like it’s properly done.


With the magic scripts of @michiakig for custom stones you could just leave the place stone function empty and it won’t draw anything except the last move indicator. Thus you can play cosumi-like blindfold go on OGS!

I decided to be realistic and play Spectral-13k. As long as you can win in the first 100 moves or so it’s not hard.


I guess is simpler to play with anything which has some level at go as with something playing very unusual moves


So you have to destroy your opponent and hope he’s polite enough to resign! :grin:


Well, couldn’t one politely tell them that the game is already decided…


I doubt the game is ever ‘decided’ until you get to counting with the rule that you lose if you try to play an illegal move.

You could be terrible at go but have a much better memory and be in with a chance.

With the bumps, I tried and I beat the level one bot

Luckily it didn’t want to start a ko or some life and death in the upper left - which I’m not sure I wouldn’t been able for. I’m not sure I enjoy it as of yet.