Blindfold Go Stuff

We all know you can play against cosumi in blindfold mode. But you can see the board there and the last move is shown on it.

It doesn’t resemble real blindfold experience. If you ever saw people play blindfold, moves are called out by voice and often the players do have a real blindfold on. So they don’t have an empty board in front of them with the moves shown on it.

Voice call-out over the internet is a bit difficult with pronunciation difficulties etc. But we can come close to it by pming each other our moves.

So that’s what we with @Satomi did. We also flooded the chat with garbage so only the last move is visible and we aren’t allowed to scroll back. And no board use allowed. Only your head.


This is much tougher than cosumi. I’m not sure if I recommend trying it. It borders that line where it’s not fun anymore but torturous. I guess you could try it one time to see if you like it.

You can look over the game record with my commentary:


It sure is fun from the beginning to middle game but before entering yose its totally different matter its a torture. I need to rearrange my stones again in my imagination board before i can proceed. And you know how that happened when i got lost track of stones :joy::joy::joy::joy:. And @S_Alexander its true i want to drag the game up to the end :joy::joy::joy::joy:. First time taking this blindfold go to the end. Although i had a headache after a game, i don’t think i can play another of this straining game for awhile. Thanks for that wonderful, torturous and worth it game. :grin:


In this video two pros play blindfold go on 9x9. But the goal is not really win but to reach jigo. I guess the idea is to force the players to estimate territory too.

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That’s it, who’s making a chat bot for this??

It’s interesting how they’re using , the possessive particle, instead of a dash or no separator at all. A dash would probably look too much like (one).

Also how they use the 3三 rather than A3 or 3-3 syntax. 5の三 literally means “three of five” and 5の五 means “five of five”.

On their board, 1–13 is rightwards X and to 十三 is downwards Y.

I suppose that the Arabic and Japanese numerals are both pronounced the same in Japanese, but that’s only a guess. Perhaps they use different readings to disambiguate them.

Kibe Natsuki 2p plays blindfold mode in cosumi.

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Continuing blindfold challenge with cosumi

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