Blitz games categorized as live

I just played a game with Byo Yomi 30s + 5×10s the average move length was under 5 seconds. However it was registered as a live game instead of a blitz. Is it a bug?

In the following thread it is explained that the average move should be under 12 seconds for it to be categorized as blitz:

This is a known issue. These games are currently being improperly categorized as live in the back end.

"time_control_parameters": "{\"system\": \"byoyomi\", \"speed\": \"live\", \"main_time\": 30, \"period_time\": 10, \"periods\": 5, \"pause_on_weekends\": false, \"time_control\": \"byoyomi\"}",

Given the small number of games this affects and the fact that it’s mostly cosmetic, I wouldn’t expect to see a fix in the immediate future. It really just depends on when this ever makes its way to the top of the long list of things that need attention. :slight_smile:

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I posted, but I’m digging deeper, I see that Ruby’s PR implies what you are all saying is true. I had a very different impression, so it needs a closer look.

Currently when blitz games are created with 30s main time and 5x10s byo-yomi the API assigns a speed of “live”. This includes the automatic sitewide blitz tournaments (at least 19x19, not sure about other sizes).

I updated the PR I linked with a quick and dirty work-around, but I’m not sure that it will be approved. Ideally this would be fixed in the back end.

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So they start off “Blitz” and end up coming back “Live” eh?

I agree, this should be fixed in the back end - you can create rather slow blitz games and very fast Live ones.

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Just noticed it’s still like that actually (19x19), 2 mins main time and 5x10s byo-yomi counted as live in the game history.

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Yeah, the pull request wasn’t merged. We have to wait for a fix in the back end.


Just saying, for me everything below 30s byoyomi is blitz with the quality of my connection…

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Blitz games are still not being categorised properly

I wonder if @moderators would want to merge the new thread into the old one? It’s the same issue

//moderator note: done, thanks

Thanks @AdamR! -ben

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When I use the blitz quickmatch button with fischer time in the preferences (30s +10s per move up to 1 minute) the games get counted in the “normal” live category but not in the blitz category. Is this intended?

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Old known issue, didn’t get enough complaints to be considered as urgent is my guess.

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OK, well here’s another complaint. This is really annoying! I have played loads of “blitz” games but my blitz rating is unset because they have all been counted as live. This is skewing my live rating as I play worse on blitz. So anyone wanting to see how well I play live or blitz will see misleading information in my rating breakdown by time settings, thus leading to a kind of unintentional sandbagging under live time settings.

It seems the fix for this is relatively simple - just move the threshold between live and blitz. But where to move to? The obvious place is the maximum time settings available under the blitz heading, which is about 5m+5x10s IIRC. This is still very fast, resulting in a 19x19 game that takes less than 25 mins. That way, all blitz games are counted as blitz games, most live games with usual (~30s/move ~ 1hr total) time settings will be counted as live and the only discrepancy will be very fast “live” games being counted as blitz. However, it seems easier to accept a very fast live game being counted as blitz, than it is to accept a game specifically set up as blitz being counted as live.


It got complaints, it got a fix, but apparently resurfaced. (Source: the thread I posted in my first comment and the PR linked in that thread)

I see there’s no issue open on GitHub, might be worth reporting there. (github issue here: Blitz games displaying live icon · Issue #1174 · online-go/ · GitHub). Or moving this topic into “bug reports” category.

Edit: clarify that the PR also has relevant info

Didn’t read any fix just a pull request on github.

Did you look at the comments on the pull request?

anoek commented on Nov 24, 2020

Ok I finally tracked this down on the backend I think, they should be in sync now. It’s not retro-active though unfortunately.

A no thanks I stayed in the forum threads

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it apparently wasn’t fixed

dragon-devourer has games:
February 28, 2021 “1 minute main time, followed by 5 10 seconds periods” - counted as live

March 6, 2021 “increments by 10 seconds per move up to a maximum of 1 minute” - counted as live

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PSA: it’s okay to read further back than the latest comment :slight_smile: