How does Rengo work at OGS?

I have proofed the current text and have no more corrections. As far as I am concerned, it can be uploaded to Github. It should be proofed after uploading there in case any glitch is introduced during uploading or formatting.

The current text follows the “Rengo and Go” form that is leading in the poll. The text also follows British spelling, which can of course be changed if enough people want to change it; I personally have no preference.

Thanks @Atorrante for the additional work, and thanks to @GreenAsJade and @_Sofiam for getting this started and drafting the original document.


I’ve made a few small corrections, mainly I’ve added the disconnection (for casual games with more than 5 minutes per move) and the deletion of an account.
I’m not sure about the boundary between live and correspondence (it said 1 day earlier). The minimum time for casual rengo is 12 hours, but strict rengo can be quicker. I suppose 4 hours, but please check :slight_smile:

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This is what is in Documentation & FAQ.

I added it to the wiki-post.

But to be honest: I am not sure what the status is of Documentation & FAQ. Do we use this as a decisive standard or is it the unofficial work of some benevolent forum members without any authority at all?

And something I just thought about: when this text is officially transported to github’s Documentation & FAQ it would make sense to close this thread.
If not there is a possibility that there will appear two parallel (Doc & FAQ and Forums) versions again. Something we want to avoid, I think.

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There was a thread not long ago in which it was definitively stated (by anoek? or by one of our techie mods? I don’t remember) that the actual time per move in blitz is 9 sec, which is why I changed that here. I think that thread also had something critical to say about the standard for correspondence. I’ll see if I can dig up that thread.

I 100% agree.

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See these threads. Very complicated and confusing. Maybe we should ask anoek for definitive current thresholds for blitz and correspondence.

Good idea.

I have corrected the text per anoek’s answer:

“[10:43] anoek: Blitz games are strictly less than 10s per move on average, 10s to 3600s per move (1 hour) are considered live, anything beyond that is correspondence”


Isn’t it confusing that in the first paragraph Rengo is described as “This variant also works with teams that can be larger than two players.” which is immediately followed by two links that claim Rengo is Pair Go?

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As shown in 1.4.1, there is now a help link to this thread next to the Casual Mode checkbox.

That link will be updated when this doco is published on the wiki.

(Thanks for the screenshot update @_Sofiam)


American English is more like the legacy option: American spelling and pronunciation are often closer to what people in Britain used several hundred years ago when the colonists left, and British practice had since evolved whereas American changed less.

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:rofl: I never heard that interpretation before :+1:

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I did some edits in 1.1 and 1.2.

To me it seems that this documentation is ready for transporting to the Github Documentation & FAQ. How do the other contributors think about this?

Just some more thoughts about this project.
I think this is a cool and productive way to work. In little more than a week we produced a manual for OGS Rengo. The interaction between several forum members is stimulating and fills me with joy.

Maybe it is possible to take a next step: setting up a permanent task force that aims at keeping the documentation up to date?


A permanent task force is a wonderful idea.

It does have the risk of scaring people off from signing up (commitment), who’s the boss etc etc.

An alternative to consider is to keep doing more of it in the way that this was done: open a thread with a specific task that needs to be done and have at it together in the forum where it works the way you like.


Agree, this is exactly what I mean.

Forget the term task force (too heavy, too much hierarchy and too static).

It is more like a platform where we - the community - work together on improving / updating the Documentation & FAQ.


I agree. It can be uploaded to the Documentation.

I will copy it to the github wiki then.


I will link the game creation modal help icon to the wiki after that.

Just realised something. Under 1.5 Ethical Requirements, should we mention you can ask permission for or suggest resignation?